Humboldt’s favorite naturalist John “Griff” Griffith, known for his informative ecology videos and killer dance moves, has joined TikTok to help save the world.

“Young folks are on TikTok, and I want to reach them with an urgent message about biodiversity loss,” Griff told the Outpost. “I also want to be relevant, fun and accessible to the Gen Zers who follow me. So most of my videos on TikTok are gonna be dance videos.”

Griff’s online fame began in Humboldt County in 2012, when a video of him dancing in his California Conservation Corps uniform went viral on YouTube. Griff went on to host an Animal Planet series in 2018, before returning to Humboldt to work as a naturalist at Humboldt Redwoods State park, where he often makes fun and informative videos about ecology and environmentalism for the park’s Facebook page.

Griff talks about the Pacific Lamprey.

“Now I’m talking to thousands, sometimes millions, of people about natural history, rewilding, native plants and biodiversity,” he said. “I will dance my way onto your screen via my TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook pages and then I’ll show you how being a wildlife conservationist and saving the world can be fun too.”

Griff posted his first TikTok video on Sept. 22 and currently has just a few followers. Give Griff a follow and help Humboldt’s celebrity naturalist reach a new generation of dancing environmentalists.