Sometimes very famous people eat the same things we eat. 

This week we at LoCO learned a few things of slight interest that we will share with you now because things of great interest are always such a bummer these days. First, for those still keeping score on which major celebrities see fit to slip into our lovely county, you may have heard that New Zealand pop star Lorde recently took in some views of the Lost Coast while shooting a cover spread for Vogue magazine. (If you’re not immediately familiar with who is Lorde by name, just know that you’ve absolutely heard one of her songs in particular dozens of times in the mall or at your preferred grocery store or dispensary or wherever. You have.)

Welcome to Humboldt, Lorde! That kind of luxe just ain’t for us either. 

But what does Lorde in Humboldt look like, you ask? Luckily, the Humboldt Del-Norte Film Commission secured the rights to some of the shots from Vogue’s photoshoot for their Facebook page which allows us to embed them here. Behold!

Good, Lorde!

But what was even more exciting to discover — thanks to some hungry social media commenters — is that Lorde maintains an oddly popular second Instagram account — onionringsworldwide — devoted to reviewing onion rings she’s nommed on her numerous globetrotting adventures. And yes, as this post’s headline foretells, Lorde had HumBrew’s onion rings — the same ones you’ve totally had! Wow!

And here, now, are the very rings Lorde ate.

Those rings ring a bell, right? Uh huh. In her Instagram post, Lorde tells the important tale of how she came to gobble said rings.

“These were from an establishment called the Humboldt Brewery, and referring to my notes, tasters confusingly said ‘nice crunch’ but also ‘soft all the way through’.” Lorde writes. “Honestly I was delirious from two days of 4 a.m. starts and immersion in very cold water but these appear to be golden and glistening with a shattery coat so i’ll give them a 3/5 just to be safe. Absolutely incredible experience, massive thanks to the entire team … and to rings.”

Now you know what Lorde thinks of HumBrews’ onion rings. As you were.