The arraignment for murder suspect Austin Michael Medeiros was postponed today when Medeiros told Judge Christopher Wilson he wants to hire his own attorney.

Medeiros, 27, is accused of killing 28-year-old Emily Rose May Lobba, found dead in her Greenwood Heights home on April 3. Today Wilson advised him he is charged with murder, the felony of driving against traffic while being pursued by law enforcement, and misdemeanor charges of assault and battery on Lobba’s caretaker.

Medeiros is from Rhode Island but has a drug case from 2016 in Humboldt County. He is charged with violating probation on that case.

Today Wilson was prepared to appoint the county Conflict Counsel’s Office to represent Medeiros, whose bail is set at $1 million. But Medeiros said he plans to contact and hire a lawyer, David Skilling, who was recommended to him. No one in the courtroom today was familiar with Skilling.

Medeiros asked for three days to hire the attorney. He will be back in court on Thursday.

Lobba’s father, Alex Lobba, watched the hearing today via Zoom. He and Emily’s mother, Mary Jackson, held a memorial service for their daughter last week in the Ventura area.

In the district attorney’s complaint against Medeiros, there are no special allegations of use of a firearm or any other weapon.

On April 3, Emily Lobba’s caretaker told authorities, she arrived at Lobba’s home for a scheduled visit and was confronted by a man who refused to let her in. The man allegedly assaulted the caretaker before fleeing in Lobba’s van. Pursued by police, he left the van near Arcata Community Forest and disappeared into the woods.

Medeiros was arrested a week later in Santa Cruz as he allegedly was trying to steal a boat. Police there said Medeiros was carrying drugs and a loaded gun.

Deputy District Attorney Candace Myers has been assigned to Medeiros’s case.