Your dolos is here now

Eureka’s dolos has been re-homed.

After community members rallied last month to save the hulking maritime artifact from potential annihilation, Monday morning the dolos in question made its scheduled move from Broadway on down to Madaket Plaza where it will now enjoy serene views of Humboldt Bay for the foreseeable future. A concrete chunk of Eureka’s history has been preserved. Let us bask in the win together. 

The Outpost rolled out of bed at a stupidly early hour this morning to witness the dolos’ journey. We snapped a few photos, as we do. We also chatted up Madaket Captain and dolos preservation enthusiast Leroy Zerlang on why he believes moving heaven and earth to find a way to lug a 40-ton dolos was worth the trouble.

Hear Zerlang make his case in the clip below and/or let your eyes gaze upon photos of Monday’s dolos caravan even farther down. 

# # #

Dolos moving efforts began in Monday’s wee hours

Workers from the City of Eureka, Northcoast Fabricators and Kernen Construction convene to plot the dolos’ move

Dolos loaded

A City of Eureka worker makes sure the height of the power lines is sufficient for dolos passage

Cleared it

The dolos approaches its new forever home at Madaket Plaza on the Eureka Waterfront

At the destination, it was decided that the dolos would look best facing the opposite direction

So it was again lifted while the truck backed underneath it from the other end

Eureka City Councilmember Natalie Arroyo made the scene

Backin’ in

Leroy Zerlang and Mayor Susan Seaman

Mayor Seaman displays one of two 2022 quarters that would ultimately be placed underneath the dolos, as is sort of maritime tradition

Mayor Seaman and Director of Public Works Brian Gerving

Above: Father Michael Cloney places one of the quarters. For years Cloney has blessed the Madaket at the beginning of its season and he’s had a long history with the dolos. “I was teaching at St. Bernard’s High School back in the ‘70s when this thing was molded and set,” he told LoCO

Mayor Seaman makes it 50¢.

Farewell, quarters

And so it was