PREVIOUSLY: Yes, Hillary Clinton Was in Humboldt Over the Weekend — and, Who Knows, Maybe She Still Is — For Reasons No One Cares to Talk About

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As someone who dutifully reads LoCO, you probably have some vague memory of former [insert one of many high-ranking positions] Hillary Clinton paying a somewhat secretive trip to Humboldt County at the end of 2021. Remember that? LoCO had admittedly almost completely forgot until some blessed soul passed along to us the above trailer for Hillary’s upcoming Apple TV+ show called Gutsy. Mystery solved!

Gutsy, if you’re wondering, is a new eight-part docuseries featuring Hillary and daughter Chelsea hitting the road to interview inspiring and pioneering women, much in a similar vein to their 2019 book The Book of Gutsy Women. In the aforementioned trailer we get a preview of some of the series’ subjects —  you’ve got Gloria Steinem, Amber Ruffin, Dr. Jane Goodall, Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Megan Thee Stallion, Wanda Sykes and Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach all making appearances.

Also featured for brief moments, though, are the subjects that prompted the Clintons to sneak behind the Redwood Curtain. You’ll recall our previous intel had Hillary paying a visit to Sue-meg Village. Well, in the trailer you briefly see Yurok tribal members Judge Abby Abinanti and Laura White Woods. And then there is the following release from the Yurok Tribe which shines further light on what Gutsy viewers might be in for:

Yurok Chief Justice Abby Abinanti’s Tribal Court team will be featured in Gutsy, a new docuseries created by Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton. The Apple TV+ series will premiere on Friday, September 9. The Yurok Tribal Court will be showcased in an episode titled Gutsy Women Seek Justice. All eight episodes will be available on the same day. #gutsy Here is a link to the trailer:

Based on The New York Times bestselling book, “The Book of Gutsy Women,” the eight-part series features intimate conversations with trailblazing women including: Kim Kardashian, Megan Thee Stallion, Dr. Jane Goodall, Gloria Steinem, Wanda Sykes, Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson and many more. Hillary and Chelsea Clinton filmed with the Yurok Tribal Court team last December. Hillary Clinton took time to meet with Yurok Chairman Joseph L. James, Vice Chairman Frankie Myers and Tribal Council Member Sherri Provolt. During their visit to the redwood region, the Tribal Court team took the Clintons to many different parts of Yurok ancestral territory.

The Yurok Tribal Court administers one of the most advanced justice systems in Indian Country. In fact, multiple Tribes have used the Yurok Tribal Court as a model to develop their own justice systems. The Tribal Court is rooted in the traditional philosophy of restorative justice, which originates from the Tribe’s traditional village values. Restorative justice creates space for people to be fully accountable for their failures and take action to right the wrong. The Tribal Court also provides offenders tools to rehabilitate and regain their role in the community.

The Yurok Tribal Court operates more than two dozen courts and programs, including: Yurok Wellness Court, Yurok Veterans Wellness Court, Yurok Legal Access Center, Youth Wer’er-gery Court, Skuy-ech-son’ Batterers Intervention Program, Family Law Guardianships, Elder Nutrition Program, Yurok Elder Advocacy Program, Yurok Child Support Services, Youth At-Risk Program, Yurok Hey-wech-ek’ Program, Yurok Reentry Program, Youth Wellness Court, Hoh-ke-pek’ Program, Yurok Tribe Wellness Coalition, Yurok Wellness Diversion Court, Joint Jurisdiction Court, and the To’ Kee Skuy’ Soo Ney-Wo-Chek’ (MMIP) Project.

Earlier this year, the Tribal Court’s To’ Kee Skuy’ Soo Ney-Wo-Chek’ released a third and final report on Missing and Murdered Indigenous People in California. The in-depth report contains the first ever roadmap to guide tribal, state and federal agencies’ response to new and existing MMIP cases. The Tribal Community Response Plan (TCRP) prescribes a set of actions that can be employed before someone goes missing or is murdered, when a report is taken that someone has gone missing and/or foul play is suspected and throughout the duration of a long-term missing person or a homicide case. The Tribal Community Response Plan was constructed in such a way that other Tribes can adapt it to meet their unique needs.

So there you go. If you’re somehow still reading this before watching the trailer, we now release you to scroll back up and click play. 

Gutsy will begin streaming on Apple TV+ on Sept. 9.