Just look at how sunny it is out there today. Damn! | Photo: Andrew Goff

Although the famous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil predicted that the country would see six more weeks of winter when he scurried out of his burrow on Feb. 2 and supposedly saw his shadow, we in Humboldt County are expecting the signs of an early spring, with sunshine predicted for the rest of the week and record-breaking temperatures expected over the next couple of days. Suck it, groundhog.

“Expect warmer temperatures and mostly sunny skies over the next few days,” the National Weather Service Eureka posted on its Facebook page this morning. “Near record high temperatures are possible, particularly on Wednesday. That means highs near 80 across portions of the interior and potentially over 70 along the coast.”

Seven day forecast from the US National Weather Service

Josh Wood of the NWS Eureka office confirmed with the Outpost this morning that a high of 73 degrees Fahrenheit is predicted for Eureka on Wednesday Feb.9, which would break the record temperature for that date of 70 degrees, recorded in 1928. The record temperature for Feb. 10 — also expected to reach 73 this week — is 68 degrees, recorded in 1987.

To provide some perspective on how cold it can get in early February, the Outpost will remind you that this record-breaking warmth arrives on the three year anniversary of Humboldt’s last real coastal snow! Remember that? That was fun. Super sunny 70-degree weather is February is also pretty fun, so get out there and enjoy it while you can!

Image from the US National Weather Service Eureka