Screenshot from Justin Schmidt’s Facebook video

A well-meaning social media bro recently posted some arguably heartwarming content to his various channels featuring his charitable encounter with a man he found sitting in front of the Eureka Costco.

Online creator Justin Schmidt — who recently built Logan Paul a golf cart, if that means something to you — is currently touring the country, presumably  on the #CashApp’s dime, “blessing” people he happens across with money and filming the reactions. One such recorded rendezvous shows Schmidt and a colleague in Eureka, where they come into contact with William Barnhart, who was flying a sign and seeking assistance out on the curb in front of Costco. Schmidt tells Barnhart he’d like to help him out, and as the clip progresses he proceeds to fill up Barnhart’s truck with gas and take him on shopping trips to Target and Winco. The clip ends with Schmidt paying for full week’s stay at a motel of Barnhart’s choosing. 

“Thanks again to CashApp,” Schmidt tells his viewers to close out the promotion. “And go tell them which city we should go to next.”

Watch the clip below.

After the video was posted to Facebook, Barnhart weighed in in the comment section with his account of how the meetup went down:

“Hello, I’m the one in this video & I’d like to tell you “the rest of the story” from the begining. I was at the spot shown being about $40 short for my motel ($80 per night), these guys drove into COSTCO once (I noticed them the first time) wondering “why is cashapp coming here?”…”hmmm maybe they got permission to setup a booth or something?” Then they left. About 15 minutes later, they pulled back in and parked in the space closest to me and got out. I’ll be honest, I thought to myself “please do a $20 bill”. They asked me, “What do you need? Anything.” I answered, ” i do this to pay my motel each day which is $80 a night.” They both turned to eachother as if they were saying “that’s too much.” I then said (to be honest) “I’m only about $40 short.” They looked at eachother again and said they’de be back. Then went back to their RV (they’re in a rented RV with “cashapp” on the side). They came back about 20 minutes later and that’s where the video begins…..

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