A calming Humboldt sunset to put you at ease ahead of what’s coming…

Eleven years, baby. As of this month, that’s how long the Lost Coast Outpost has been supplying you, our faithful and spirited readers, with news, color and information to hopefully help you better understand this crazy little thing called Humboldt. With news being almost exclusively consumed online these days, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that LoCO was an ambitious and scrappy experiment when it started out. But nearly half a billion pageviews later, we think it’s going quite well! Thanks for honoring us with your eyeballs as much as you have, Humboldt. We are fond of almost all of you. 

One aspect of LoCO you’ve surely appreciated over its lifespan that’s actually pretty important to us too: The site has always been free to click and read. And if those of us who toil here each week have our druthers, that will always be the case. Never will you ever have to figure out how to sneak past a LoCO paywall. Those things are dumb. You’re smart. You’d figure it out. So we’re not gonna go there. 

Having said that, it should be important to all of us that Humboldt continue to overachieve in its support of local journalism. Seriously, for a far-flung, rural region, we’ve actually long-enjoyed way better coverage of local issues and goings-on than we probably should. LoCO wants to be an integral part of keeping that tradition going. So! If you’ve appreciated anything we’ve done here these past years and you’d like to know you did something to ensure that we continue pluggin’ away in the future, we have a proposal for you. 

(OK. Poise. Confidence. They already like you. You can do this…)

Join our LoCO support team, please! Today we are launching several ways you can “subscribe” to the Outpost, in a loose sense. Click on over to the LoCO Support page and browse options for how you can financially help us keep hummin’ along. You will note that some of the plans will score you entry into monthly raffles for local stuff and/or a sleek, shiny LoCO travel mug. Stuff! Mug! You love it!

Your decision to toss a few bucks LoCO’s way will make us feel significantly more warm and fuzzy than we felt prior to your generous gesture. We thank you in advance. Go, us! Go, you!