A paraglider leaps from Scenic Drive. | Video by Scott Hammond.

For eons, man hath dared to achieve the miracle of flight. Over the weekend, one Humboldt County resident successfully slipped the gravelly bonds of Scenic Drive and did soar among the birds.

Footage of a paraglider repeatedly taking off from Scenic Drive made the rounds on social media over the weekend. 

McKinleyville resident Scott Hammond told the Outpost that he and his wife were enjoying their usual date night at Houda Point on Saturday when they spotted the man gracefully soaring into Houda Cove.

“He was there two days in a row, Friday night and Saturday night,” Hammond said.

While paragliders are a common sight at Table Bluff, it’s far less common to see one gliding over the treacherous cliffside near Camel Rock.

Onlookers say they didn’t catch the man’s full name. However, Hammond said that the daredevil told him he was originally from Ashland, Oregon, and that he now lives in Humboldt County.

Welcome to Humboldt, crazy paraglider man.

Fun fact: Houda Cove is also where Hollywood’s Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano filmed the opening scene of “Swiss Army Man” in 2015.