Architectural mockup of a new play structure planned for the soon-to-be-former 20/30 Park. Image: City of Eureka.


Big changes are coming to 20/30 Park, that nice-sized but somewhat dilapidated neighborhood park just north of Henderson Street, between California and Union.

Among those changes: A new name! A few weeks ago at a council meeting, the city opened up the possibility of new name in concert with the $6.3 million renovation scheduled to get underway soon.

Well, the city now says that a first round of community surveys was strongly in favor of renaming the park — 75%, out of 250 responses, the city says — and there was “overwhelming support” for the idea of giving the park a Wiyot name.

So, in consultation with the Tribe, the city has now narrowed it down to three options, and they’re asking people which they prefer. Here are your three finalists:

1. Wiqudi’ Park
(“Pine Park”)

” Wiqudi’ “

2. Da’ Meluqhiuan Park
(“Where the Egrets Are Park”)

” Da’ Meluqhiyan “

3. Da’ Yas
(“Where the Cypress Are Park”)

” Da’ Yas “

Arright! Now that you’ve acquainted yourself with the options, get yourself over to the city’s survey page and cast your vote