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Press release from the Humboldt County Administrative Office:

The County of Humboldt is seeking private defense lawyers to serve as panel attorneys in Humboldt County’s Court-Appointed Attorney Program (HCAAP).

Through this program, private attorneys represent public clients when defendants’ cases cannot be handled by either the Humboldt County Public Defender or Conflict Counsel, primarily due to conflicts of interest, such as when either agency has already represented or currently represents a co-defendant in another case involving the client.

Attorneys who are interested in serving as a private defense attorney with this program must submit an application. The application form is available online by visiting the Humboldt County Court Appointed Attorney Program’s web page.

Once attorneys are approved through the application process, their names are added to a panel, which lists the attorneys available for assignment. Attorneys are then notified when clients need representation and staff works to match attorneys up with cases.

For more information regarding the Humboldt County Court Appointed Attorney Program, including rates and billing procedures, please visit the HCAAP web page the or contact the County Administrative Office  at or call (707) 445-7266.