Photo: National Parks Service.

This week Midge and Carol take an audio journey up to the Bald Hills, where it’s sexy time for the Roosevelt Elk! The bulls are strutting around and making their odd little trumpet noises and things are getting weird.

Keep your distance from these bad boys! You never want to get too close to the elk in the first place, but this an exceptionally bad time to mess up an elk’s game.

Did you know an elk’s antlers can grow as fast as an inch a day? That’s just one of the amazing and not-necessarily-rut-related facts you can learn in this week’s edition of “Humboldt Baywatch,” which you are cordially invited to listen to below. Plus: Midge plays some audio of those weird-ass elk vocalizations, and speculates about how quickly she would haul ass out of the forest if she heard that spooky sound coming through the trees.

“Humboldt Baywatch,” Sept. 8, 2022.

“Carol,” I should have said, is Carol Vander Meer of Friends of the Dunes, who is our resident Humboldt Baywatch wildlife interpreter. She knows the ways of all these creatures you see around when you go outside the house, and she’s expert in translating their interesting habits into terms we humans can understand.

“Midge” is, of course, KHUM-FM DJ Midge Martin, and she hosts these “Humboldt Baywatch” segments every Thursday. KHUM-FM is the LoCO’s sister station on the FM airwaves (104.3 and 104.7) and online too.

The elk, ladies and gentlemen! May their numbers ever increase.