The Moon might look something like this tonight. | Image from Wikimedia Commons. Creative commons license.


You’ve probably noticed that the sky has been looking pretty smoky, as wildfires continue to burn around us. Not great. However, if there is one silver lining to the smoky skies, it’s that it makes the Moon look cool in the creepiest way. 

And tonight the Moon will look extra cool and creepy because, not only will the Moon be completely full, but it is also a perigean moon (more commonly known as a supermoon), meaning that the Moon will be in its closest proximity to Earth during its orbit, meaning it will appear especially big and bright in the sky. 

“When the Moon is closest to Earth (a “supermoon”), it looks about 14 percent bigger than when it’s farthest from Earth,” NASA says on its website. “This is similar to the size difference between a quarter and a nickel. Because the Moon will be close to us in its orbit, it will appear a bit brighter than usual.”

Here’s a quick video from NASA, explaining what makes a supermoon:

For those of you who are excited to gaze at the Moon tonight, NASA has some other tips about what to look for in the night sky. The moon begins to rise at 7:38 8:09 p.m. and evening twilight will end at about 8:42 p.m. Saturn will also be visible near the moon and should also look particularly big and bright, as it is near to its closest position to Earth for the year. 

“The planet Saturn, just a few days from its closest and brightest for the year, will appear near the Moon,” NASA writes. “As evening twilight ends (at 8:42 p.m.) Saturn will be 5 degrees to the upper right of the Moon, and will appear to swing clockwise around the Moon as the evening progresses.” 

There you have it. Happy moon-gazing, everyone!