July 2020

(PHOTOS) Comet ‘Neowise’ Seen Over Humboldt County; Here’s How to Catch It Before It Disappears for Another 6,800 Years

June 2020

That Big Orange Ship Moored in Humboldt Bay is a World-Class Science Vessel Whose Crew Has Been Studying Glaciers in Antarctica

August 2018

From Humboldt to the Sun: Eureka High Grad Paul Thompson is Guiding the Parker Solar Probe

December 2017

Look Up: Tonight’s Supermoon is the Only One of the Year, Celebrity Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Says It Will Be An Embarrassment to the Word ‘Super’

August 2016

Humboldt Time-Lapse: The Perseid Meteor Shower and a Stargazing Jackrabbit

How to See Tonight’s Epic Perseid Meteor Outburst

February 2016

Gravitational Waves: One of the Minds Behind ‘the Scientific Discovery of the Century’ Came From HSU

July 2015

What Is That Fast-Moving Lighted Object In The Sky?

April 2015

Researchers Part Out Fort Bragg Killer Whale Carcass for Study

Barely Half of Humboldt County Residents Believe Global Warming is Mostly Caused By Humans

December 2014

King Salmon Enters Its Underwater Season (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

November 2014

Fukushima Radioactivity Detected Off West Coast

[PHOTO] Transient Tenants Let Weeds Overrun NoHum Nest

July 2014

HSU Now Has A Submarine

Your Week in Ocean: Not Completely Doomed

May 2014

Local Man Plans to Flout GMO Ban with Crop of Biotech Squash

January 2014

Drive-Thru Death! InfoWars Finds ‘Giant Radioactive Redwoods’ in Leggett

June 2013

This Week in Ocean: Fish Fests, Monitoring Discussions

April 2013

This Week in Ocean: Get Trashed!

March 2013

This Week in Ocean: Lots to Look At

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