Missing: Goat

UPDATE: Faith in humanity momentarily slightly increased! Says THE GOAT:

“Thanks to the many people who shared our message, the goat has been returned less than 24 hours after posting this! A Valentine’s Day miracle! Thank you, Humboldt!!! Charlie can now continue posing with all the touring bands who come through, cheering on karaoke singers every week, and looking fabulous!”

Great. Goat on. 

# # #

Original Post: Oh, enough of this! Our fair county has already previously mourned the loss of Richards’ Goat’s beloved goat statue only to celebrate its unlikely resurrection. But today we are again reminded that people are prone to suck-ish behavior. 

Over the weekend Charlie the Goat was once again goatnapped by rogues, according to a bummed out post on the Richards’ Goat Facebook page. Here’s a rundown of how the crime went down from the bar’s owners:

“Whatever possessed you to walk into the bar at 11:37 p.m. on Saturday, check the theatre a couple times to see how many people were in there, then put on sunglasses  and sneak our beloved goat statue out of the bar at 11:51, stopping to hide it under a table next to the door for a few minutes, in front of multiple surveillance cameras  We just want it back.”

Richards’ Goat’s post goes on to note that, as has been the case with most local establishments, it’s been a rough period — from “someone randomly driving into our front window, sales down over 70% during the Covid years.” The post goes on to give a description of the perpetrators. 

So keep an eye out for that goat. Or, if you are one of the people who stole it, bring that goat back. After that, no more goat stealing. Thank you.