“4 to 6 inches at 2700ft. in Kneeland” says snow photog Martin Dodd.

Bring on the brr! We appreciate all the snow photos on the LoCO Facebook page — we plan to include some on Humboldt Today this evening — and we hope you keep us updated on whatever weather comes your way over the next couple days. According to the National Weather Service, there is more frigid fun to come. 

“A winter storm is underway in Northwest California,” NWS said this morning. “Around and above 1,000 feet elevation, snow will continue today and into Friday. Throughout today, snow levels are expected to drop to around 500 feet elevation and continue to drop into tomorrow morning. This could mean some snow at the coast is likely by tomorrow morning.”

NWS believes that the heavy snow is most likely to tickle Humboldt today through tomorrow — this goes for Del Norte western Trinity and coastal Mendocino, as well.

Below is a map of predicted snowfall totals for the region.