Photo: Caltrans.

Let’s face it: Broadway sucks. Especially for pedestrians and non-car users. Thankfully, Caltrans recognizes the deep suckiness of Broadway and is committed to making it better. 

You may have seen cones and temporary bollards and wondered, “WTF?!” Some of those are part of a “pop-up” demonstration of potential measures to make the road just a little bit safer — from bulbouts and curb extensions to improve visibility of pedestrians and to slow vehicle speeds when turning to “refuse islands” in the left-hand turn lanes — others (those north of Wabash) are part of a construction project.

When walking, biking, driving or moving yourself by some other unspecific means through Broadway, take note of how your behavior is modified by these demonstration pop-ups or whether you feel safer as a result. Caltrans wants to know! Go to this SurveyMonkey to share your feedback

Jeff Pimentel joins the show to discuss how Caltrans is considering safety improvements to Humboldt’s most dangerous road.