Today in tea: Arcata’s Eric Black, who you may know from his reporting stints on KHSU, KMUD and/or KINS, or who you may know through his YouTube channel, Arcata News.

Discussed: What brought Eric to Humboldt from the Bay Area, and how a three-year spell in Israel made him realize that he will always be an American. His “passionate” (the Outpost’s John Kennedy O’Connor’s term) reporting on the Arcata Gateway Plan and offshore wind energy. Plus: Managing the late, lamented Has Beans; juggling; speaking Arabic; and more!

In honor of our guests unshakable Americanness, today’s tea time snack is 3-Ingredient Crescent Hot Dog Rollups. Press play on the video above, and feel free dunk your rollups in your peppermint/ginger herbal tea as we go along. You’re watching us, we’re not watching you!