People of Humboldt

June 2023

HUMBOLDT TEA TIME: Local Independent Media Man Eric Black on His Peregrinations Through His Work and the World

HUMBOLDT TEA TIME: Old Town Wild Man Barry Evans Has a New Book Out, and it’s All About Humboldt

May 2023

HUMBOLDT TEA TIME: Big-Time Muckety Muck Gregg Foster Drops by to Talk About His Weird Career and the Humboldt County Economic Prognosis (and to Slurp Loudly Into His Lapel Mic)

HUMBOLDT TEA TIME: Arcata Mayor Sarah Schaefer Tells Us About Governing Her Home Town in an Age of Potentially Transformative Growth

HUMBOLDT TEA TIME: Old Town Coach Operator Brendan Fearon Has a Big Horse and is British, So Let’s Talk About That Coronation!

April 2023

HUMBOLDT TEA TIME: Sean Robertson, Humboldt Bay Fire Chief, Talks About Growing Up in South Africa in the Last Days of Apartheid, and on Becoming a Firefighter

CONVERSATIONS: Rodney Oien on the North Coast’s Toddler Services Infrastructure

CONVERSATIONS: Raelina Krikston Still Thinks the Rent is Too Damn High, and That’s Just the Start of the Problem

HUMBOLDT TEA TIME: Food For People’s Carly Robbins Tells Us All About What’s Going on With Humboldt County’s Food Bank — Including Its Brand-New Building

CONVERSATIONS: Find a Pretty Painted Rock in a Weird Place? Christy Snyder of Northcoast Children’s Services Tells Us What You Found and What to Do With It

CONVERSATIONS: Old Town Restaurateur Charity Desbrow on Moving Into the Old, Historic Oberon Location (And Acquiring a Full Bar)

HUMBOLDT TEA TIME: Supervisor Steve Madrone on His Life, His Politics and the Future Humboldt County He’s Working Toward

HUMBOLDT TEA TIME: Wiyot Tribe’s Marnie Atkins On Wanting to See Her People’s Language and Culture Acknowledged in the World

HUMBOLDT TEA TIME: Eureka Books Owner Solomon Everta on His Weird History and His Vision for the Future of the Shop, and the World

March 2023

HUMBOLDT TEA TIME: Eureka Mayor Kim Bergel Talks About Kindness, Homelessness, Mental Health and the Things She Hopes to Accomplish in Her New Office

April 2022

Meet The Litas! Humboldt Womxn’s Motorcycle Collective Embraces Riders of All Levels, Even the ‘Moto-Curious’

‘Veteran and His Dog Sing For Tips’: The Story of an Old Town Busker and His Singing Canine Companion

March 2021

Local Engineer to Star in National Geographic Ocean Exploration Series Produced By James Cameron

December 2019

Humboldt County’s Population Shrank by Nearly 1,000 in the Last Fiscal Year, According to Recent State Estimates

August 2016

Eureka Man Freed from Iraqi Prison, Returns Home After Fighting ISIS

December 2015

(PHOTOS) Star Wars: The Fans Awaitin’ … in a Long Line

Jason Warren’s Surviving Victims Discuss Cruz Waivers, the Death Penalty and the Importance of Cultivating Goodness

November 2015

Liberal Power Couple Sopoci-Belknap and Brinton Leaving Humboldt For Sacramento

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