Have you ever noticed that ship out on the Samoa Peninsula behind the Timber Heritage Museum? Did you know that World War II-era vessel – affectionately known as the USS LCI(L)-1091 – took part in the Battle for Okinawa in 1945, witnessed atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll and served as a medical lab during the Korean War to help prevent the spread of wartime disease? Neither did we!

In today’s episode of “Humboldt Outdoors” local documentarian Ray Olson takes us on a tour of the wartime ship and introduces us to the dedicated group of local veterans who are working to restore ol’ Ten-Ninety-One.

“There were a little over 1,000 of these ships built during World War II and as far as [we know], there are only two that remain,” Olson says. “What makes the  story even more remarkable is the small but dedicated crew of military veterans who have been volunteering their time over the last decade to keep this historic ship from collapsing into a pile of rust and scrap metal.”

Click the video above to find out how the WWII ship ended up in Humboldt Bay as a fishing vessel.