A red-footed booby spotted near Trinidad | Photo: Don Galusha


While fishing in the Pacific Ocean just outside of Trinidad, local resident Don Galusha captured a pic of a tropical seabird that is extremely rare to our area – a red-footed booby!

The photo, emailed to the Outpost on Monday by Galusha’s friend Shannon Donohue, was taken on May 25, about five miles northwest of Trinidad Head. “I knew it was something rare,” Donohue told the Outpost, adding that she had posted the image to ebird.org to confirm the species. 

Rob Fowler, a local birder and birding guide, confirmed the booby’s identity with the Outpost today and said that it is very rare to see this species – usually found in tropical waters – in our area. Fowler added that this is only the second recorded red-footed booby sighting in Humboldt County, with the first being near Sue-Meg State Park in November, 2021.  

We can only speculate as to why the booby ended up this far from its usual territory. Red-footed boobies do not migrate, but they are strong flyers and have been known to travel long distances in search of food. Whatever it is that landed our friend near Trinidad, we wish it well.  Booby on, little friend!