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Fortuna City Council
Jan. 17, 2023, 6 p.m.



a. Swearing in of New Police Officer Esmeralda Gonzalez

b. Introduction of the new Utility Worker II Andrew White

c. National Mentoring Month Proclamation



d. Police Department Quarterly Report

e. Fire Department Quarterly Report



a. City Council Minutes – January 3, 2023 (Regular Meeting)

b. Administrative Department Monthly Report

The City of Fortuna's Administration Department monthly report provides information about the City Attorney, City Clerk, Risk Management/Human Resources, and Information Technology divisions. The City Attorney billed 11.80 hours for the month of December and the City Clerk's office prepared and published several agendas and handled various requests for information. Risk Management reported two new Worker's Compensation claims and Information Technology is working to upgrade the City's infrastructure to improve growth and capacity.

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… or, as a romance story!

Romance novel

Siana had been working as the City Clerk for the past year and a half, and she was proud of the work she had done. She was dedicated to her job and always made sure to keep up with the latest trends and updates in her field.

One day, while at a training on the recodification of the California Public Records Act, she ran into a handsome stranger. His name was Merritt, and he was the City Manager. Merritt had been working in the same department as her for some time, but they had never had the chance to truly get to know each other.

Siana and Merritt started to chat and quickly bonded over their shared interest in their respective fields. Soon enough, the two started to spend more and more time together, and before they knew it, they were in a full-fledged relationship.

As time went on, Siana and Merritt's relationship grew stronger and stronger. They were each other's biggest supporters and always had each other's backs. They could talk for hours about the work they were doing, and they were both incredibly passionate about making the City a better place.

Their love was put to the test when a new software was introduced in their department. It was a challenge to learn how to use the software and to figure out how to make it work for them, but they did it together. They worked as a team, and it only made their bond stronger.

In the end, Siana and Merritt were able to make their relationship work and they were married shortly after. They were a perfect match and had a wonderful life together. They were both dedicated to their work and to each other, and they made sure to always take time to appreciate one another.

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Staff Report

c. Community Development Department Monthly Report

The City Council's Consent Item 4c is a report from the Community Development Department which includes a Building Department Permit Summary for December 2022, a Planning Commission report with no projects scheduled, and a report on In-process long-range planning activities for the Community Development Department. The report also includes a subdivision status report, which tracks approved projects that have not yet been completed.

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… or, as a town crier's speech!

Good citizens of Fortuna! Hear ye, hear ye!

This is a special announcement from the City Council. The Community Development Department has issued its monthly report for December 2022.

The Building Department's permit summary for December 2022 is attached. It shows that during 2022, the number of permits issued for the year by permit category includes: 19 permits were issued for 21 living units; one permit for commercial new construction (Rohnerville Road Fire Station); 39 permits for additions and alterations; and 234 miscellaneous permits (mechanical/plumbing/electrical).

In-process long-range planning activities for Community Development include: the Mill District Specific Plan for infrastructure, design standards, and land use planning; a SB2 Planning Grant to implement housing element programs, including ADU, multifamily, design review standards, GIS mapping, improvement standards, and infrastructure; a Climate Action Plan-coordinating with other Humboldt County agencies on a CAP that identifies baseline and policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and a draft noise ordinance to establish Municipal Code noise standards.

The City Council has recommended that the report be received as an informational item.

This has been a special announcement from the City Council. Thank you for your attention and have a pleasant day!

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Staff Report

d. Finance Department Monthly Report

The City of Fortuna's Finance Department submitted a report to the City Council with information about their activities. They need to submit a Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS) to the State Department of Finance and a Financial Transaction Report to the State Controller's Office. They are also working on funding several projects through Measure E, such as police positions, recreation programs, and infrastructure projects. An activity log showing important finance data is attached.

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… or, as a Robert Burns poem!

Twa twalmonth syne, since that day
When 'twas agreed, the finances lay
Fate in the hands of the City's staff
T'was a bold move, and aye, a brave bet

The ROPS and the State's Controller's Office
Tasked with the task, a financial boss
E'en list of Measure E items funded
And Activity Log with much affunded

For the Senior Jam, The Monday Club
The Rohner Park and the K-9 Club
Illegal Camps and Prop 1 LID
Finance Department's efforts not hid

Twa twalmonth syne, since that day
When 'twas agreed, the finances lay
Fate in the hands of the City's staff
T'was a wise move, and aye, a grand bet

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Staff ReportSummaryDept. Expense Budget Reports

e. Parks & Recreation Monthly Report

In December 2022, the City of Fortuna experienced an earthquake that caused damages to many of its facilities. The Parks & Recreation Department worked to repair the damages and spoke with the American Red Cross to make the Firemen's Pavilion available for temporary shelter. The Fortuna Depot Museum welcomed 137 visitors and suffered only 9 cracked windowpanes. The Fortuna Transit Bus had 639 trips and the Recreation Programs included a two-week camp for 48 kids, a basketball program with 307 players, and drop-in volleyball and basketball events. The skating rink hosted 837 skaters and the Community Service program completed 25 hours of work.

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… or, as a chanson!


Tous les parcs et les installations
Réparations et rénovations
Nous travaillons avec diligence
Jusqu'à ce que ce soit brillant

Vers 1:
Les dégâts de l'équarrissement
Beaucoup de nettoyage sont nécessaire
Pour le club du lundi, la cheminée
Tout est red tagué, on doit l'enlever

Vers 2:
Comme le district RCRPD
Trouver une option idéale
Maintenant le coût et l'entretien
Une étude pour l'évaluation

Vers 3:
Le musée de la gare
137 personnes en décembre
Expositions de Noël à l'intérieur
Une belle décoration pour le plaisir

Vers 4:
Le transport de Fortuna
639 voyages pour le mois
13 nouveaux voyageurs à bord
Des visiteurs du Canada et des États-Unis

Vers 5:
Sports, classes et locations
Résultats camp d'entraînement
Rohner rec hall et Firemen's pavilion
Des activités pour amuser les enfants

Vers 6:
Le service communautaire
25 heures complétées
53,168.75 service heures depuis 1997
Beaucoup de travail pour les parcs

Tous les parcs et les installations
Réparations et rénovations
Nous travaillons avec diligence
Jusqu'à ce que ce soit brillant

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Staff Report

f. Police Department Monthly Report

The Fortuna City Council received a monthly report from the Police Department in December 2022. The report included statistics such as 1,511 calls for service, 73 arrests, 17 felony arrests, 56 misdemeanor arrests, and 120 citations. The police department is approaching full staffing levels and is looking to replace existing vacancies. Officer Bryce Sancho was the Employee of the Month for December. The City Council is being asked to receive this report as an informational item.

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… or, as a movie trailer!

Narrator: In the city of Fortuna, the police department handled 1,511 calls for service in the month of December 2022. With 73 arrests made, including 17 felonies and 56 misdemeanors, the police department was hard at work.

Officer Sancho, who was the employee of the month for December, was praised for his hard work and dedication. With the city approaching full staffing, the police force was determined to crack down on crime and keep the city of Fortuna safe.

But, not everything is as it seems. With suspicious activity lurking around every corner, the police force has their work cut out for them. Can they keep up with the changing landscape of crime?

Get ready for a thrilling ride as Officer Sancho and the Fortuna Police Department take on the criminal underworld in the heart of the city.

Consent Item 4f: Coming to theaters near you.

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Staff Report

g. Public Works Monthly Report

The City Council of Fortuna received a monthly report from the Public Works/Engineering Department on the effects of the earthquake that occurred in December, the progress of the Police Facility Remodel Project and the Corporation Yard Stationary Generator Project, and the work of the Utilities Division, Water Distribution System, Wastewater, Water Treatment, and General Services and Streets. The report included the number of service calls and water leaks, monthly wastewater effluent flows and potable water production, average December depth-to-groundwater static levels, and the tasks that were completed. The staff recommendation was that the Council receive the report as an informational item.

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… or, as a pitch from a used car salesman!

Hello, Mayor and Council Members!

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable used car? Look no further! I'm here to offer you the perfect car that fits all your needs. This car is a great pick for anyone looking for a dependable ride. It has been thoroughly inspected and road tested by our team of certified mechanics and technicians, so you can be sure that it's running in top condition. Plus, with its low price tag, you won't have to break the bank to get it. So don't wait any longer, come down and take this amazing car for a spin today!

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Staff Report

h. River Lodge Monthly Report

In December 2022, the River Lodge and Fortuna Monday Club held 32 events, including a wedding,
a piano recital, two baby showers, a memorial, and the Annual City of Fortuna Breakfast. Ducks
Unlimited returned to hosting their Annual Dinner at River Lodge and the Fortuna Music Festival
was held at the River Lodge. The month ended with the California Farm Bureau Annual Dinner.
Unfortunately, both the River Lodge and Monday Club sustained some damage due to an
earthquake on December 20, 2022. The City Council will receive a report on the events held at
the River Lodge and Monday Club in December 2022.

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… or, as a bildungsroman!

It had been a long, cold December for sixteen-year-old Ashley, who had moved to Fortuna, California shortly before the holiday season. After her parents’ divorce, Ashley was sent to live with her Aunt and Uncle, who had recently transplanted themselves to the small coastal town. It was a lonely start to the New Year for Ashley, who had yet to make any real friends, or find a place in the community.

But soon, Ashley found herself in the midst of the goings-on in the community. She was especially enamored with the River Lodge and the Fortuna Monday Club, where all the local events were held. There was a wedding, a piano recital, baby showers, and memorials. Ashley was mesmerized by the Ducks Unlimited Annual Dinner, where money was raised for the restoration and conservation of the local wetlands.

She was also tickled by the Holiday Luncheons and the City Council Reception. Ashley started to recognize the same faces at each event, and before long, she found herself talking to and befriending the locals.

One event in particular, the Fortuna Music Festival, really held a special place in Ashley’s heart. She had been so excited to attend the show, which featured Scotia Band, Mariachi Real De Mexico and Partnership in Music Orchestra. She was swept away by the incredible performances and the large crowd of people that had gathered.

The Annual City of Fortuna Breakfast was the perfect way to end the year and it gave Ashley a chance to show her appreciation for the people who had served the city.

But then, in the blink of an eye, Ashley’s newfound sense of belonging was shattered. On December 20, 2022, an earthquake rocked the town, leaving the River Lodge and the Monday Club with some damage.

Although the damage was minor, Ashley felt a deep sense of loss. She had grown so accustomed to attending events at the River Lodge and the Monday Club and now it seemed as if her newfound friends and community had been taken away from her.

But Ashley was determined not to give up. She continued attending events at the River Lodge, and worked hard to rebuild the friendships she had made. Before long, Ashley was right back in the middle of the goings-on in her community. She was no longer a lonely teenager, but a proud member of the Fortuna community.

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Staff ReportCalendar

i. Report of Disbursements

j. Authorize the City Manager to Continue Teleconferenced Public Meetings for City Council and all City Committees, Commissions and Boards Pursuant to Assembly Bill 361, Resolution 2021-32

The City Council of Fortuna, California is considering a resolution to continue having meetings over teleconference due to the state of emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Assembly Bill 361 allows the City Council to have these meetings with relaxed teleconference rules in order to promote social distancing. The resolution will allow the City Council to have virtual meetings when state or local health officials recommend measures to promote social distancing. It will also allow the City Council to have virtual meetings when the legislative body finds that meeting in person would present imminent risks to the health or safety of attendees. This resolution will give the City Council flexibility in conducting public meetings.

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… or, as Star Trek fan fiction!

It had been a strange 23 years since the launch of the USS Enterprise-F. The entire Federation had felt the effects of the Borg incursions, leaving a galactic struggle for stability in their wake. To help maintain order, the Federation had enacted a number of measures, one of which was the implementation of virtual meetings in all cities across the galaxy.

The City of Fortuna had been no exception, and today the City Council was meeting virtually. The meeting had been called to order by Mayor Spock, who began discussing the agenda. "We have a staff report before us from Ryan Plotz, our City Attorney, recommending that we continue the use of virtual meetings for City Council and all City Committees, Commissions and Boards pursuant to Assembly Bill 361, Resolution 2022-25," Spock said.

The council discussed the report and eventually voted to continue the use of virtual meetings as recommended. "The findings in Resolution 2022-25 will go a long way towards helping us maintain order in the City of Fortuna, despite the continued instability in the galaxy," Spock said.

Just then, a Starfleet officer burst into the virtual meeting. "We have received a distress call from the USS Enterprise-F! Commander Riker is requesting immediate assistance!" the officer said.

The City Council members sprung into action, quickly approving the findings in Resolution 2022-25 and authorizing the City Manager to utilize virtual meetings under AB 361 when necessary. Spock then adjourned the meeting and the city council members rushed to their ships to aid the Enterprise-F in its time of need. Little did they know, they were about to embark on the greatest adventure of their lives.

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Staff ReportResolution 2022-25

k. Approval of grant applications for submittal to the USDA’s Rural Development Loan and Grant Assistance program for River Lodge improvements

The City Council is considering submitting applications to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development Loan and Grant Assistance Program for improvements to the River Lodge. The grants would cover up to 55% of total project costs, with a maximum grant request of $50,000 per project. If approved, the City would need to contribute 45% of the total project costs. These improvements include replacing all interior window coverings/blinds, replacing the wheelchair lift, and staining the exterior wood. The City Council is recommending approval of the applications.

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… or, as a fantasy story!

Deep in the heart of Fortuna, nestled among the tall trees and winding river, was the River Lodge. It was said that the Lodge had been around for centuries, and it was the pride and joy of the small town.

Now, the River Lodge was in need of some upgrades. For years, the city had been putting aside funds for repairs, but the annual budget just wasn’t enough. Fortunately, the United States Department of Agriculture had a Rural Development Loan and Grant Assistance program that could cover up to 55% of the project costs.

The city council approved the grant applications and the Director of Parks & Recreation was off to the races. He submitted three applications for the River Lodge: one for the replacement of all interior window coverings and blinds, one for the replacement of the wheelchair lift with a vertical lift, and one for the exterior wood stain.

The USDA approved all three applications and the city was now responsible for 45% of the total project cost. City officials were relieved to find that Measure E funding could cover the required matching funds in FY23/24.

The people of Fortuna could not have been more excited. After months of hard work, the River Lodge was finally getting the upgrades it needed. The interior window coverings, the wheelchair lift, and the exterior wood stain all gave the Lodge a much-needed facelift.

The River Lodge was now more beautiful than ever, and the people of Fortuna were proud to have such a wonderful place to call their own. The upgrades made the Lodge more accessible to people of all abilities, and it was a reminder of the beauty of nature and the power of community.

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Staff Report


a. Public Hearing: First Reading to Consider, Repealing and Replacing Title 15, Building and Construction; Division I, Generally; Chapter 15.10, Building Codes with the 2022 California Building Codes as Mandated by the California Building Standard Commission and Department of Housing and Community Development, Ordinance 2019-741

The City of Fortuna is proposing to update the City's Building Code to match the new 2022 California Building Codes. This would include repealing and replacing Title 15—Building and Construction; Division I. Generally; Chapter 15.10, Building Code with the 2022 California Building Codes. This ordinance would also include amendments to the Administrative Code Sections, such as establishing terms and procedures for permit expiration, engineering of commercial buildings, property survey waiver, and violation penalties. If approved, the new codes would go into effect 180 days after publication and must be enforced by each City and County as of January 1, 2023.

— LoCOBot

… or, as an episode of Scooby Doo!


Scene 1

The Mystery Machine pulls up to a town hall in Fortuna, California. Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, and Velma pile out and enter the building. They are greeted by Merritt Perry, the City Manager, who is standing in front of a podium.

Merritt Perry: Welcome Mystery Inc! I'm Merritt Perry, the City Manager here in Fortuna. We are holding a public hearing to consider repealing and replacing Title 15—Building and Construction of the Fortuna Municipal Code with the 2022 California Building Codes.

Fred: What's the mystery we are trying to solve?

Merritt Perry: It's not a mystery, but there have been some mysterious activities happening around town lately. We've had reports of strange noises coming from abandoned buildings and neighboring towns.

Velma: That sounds suspicious.

Merritt Perry: We think so too. We need you guys to help us investigate and get to the bottom of this.

Shaggy: Zoinks! We're on it!

Scene 2

The gang is at the public hearing. Merritt Perry is speaking at the podium.

Merritt Perry: We are proposing an amendment to the Fortuna BCode to be consistent with the California Administrative Code Section R105.5. It would give the Building Official the authority to extend permit deadlines and expirations in certain circumstances.

Suddenly, there is a loud crash and a figure dressed in a black robe and hood runs out of the room.

Fred: Hey! Stop!

The gang takes off after the figure, but they can't keep up.

Velma: This way!

The gang follows Velma to an abandoned building. They enter the building and search for clues. Scooby and Shaggy come across a mysterious device in the corner of the room.

Shaggy: Zoinks! What is this thing?

Velma: It looks like some sort of machine. Let me take a look.

Velma examines the device and discovers that it is a device to manipulate building permits.

Velma: This machine is used to manipulate building permits! That must be what our mystery figure was up to!

Scene 3

The gang has tracked down the mystery figure to an old warehouse. They burst

— LoCOBot


Staff Report

b. Council Review and Discussion of Commission/Committee Applications and Mayor’s Appointment of Seats

The City Council is considering applications for four seats on the Measure E Oversight Committee and three seats on the Planning Commission. The Mayor will make the appointments, which the Council will vote on. There are also three additional applicant for the Planning Commission who will be considered as Alternate seats.

— LoCOBot

… or, as a Bruce Springsteen song!

Verse 1:
We all gather here today,
in this city of mine,
to talk of a decision,
we must make in due time.

We have a choice to make,
so let us decide,
who will take these seats,
on committees and commissions to guide.

Verse 2:
Four applicants there are,
for the Measure E Oversight,
and three more for the Planning Commission,
who will be our choice to abide.

We have a choice to make,
so let us decide,
who will take these seats,
on committees and commissions to guide.

Verse 3:
The Mayor will make the call,
and the Council will vote,
to accept these appointments,
for these committees and commissions to promote.

We have a choice to make,
so let us decide,
who will take these seats,
on committees and commissions to guide.

— LoCOBot


Staff ReportDebi August - Measure EDonald Ingram - Measure EJoseph Hardcastle - Measure ESue Long - Measure ESandy Blakely - Planning CommissionBrian Bennett - Planning CommissionJoshua Dorris - Planning Commission

c. Council Review and Discussion of FBID Committee Applications and Mayor's Appointment of Seats

The City of Fortuna is looking to appoint members to the Fortuna Business Improvement District Advisory Committee. The City Council is considering 5 applications from individuals and the Mayor's recommendation of appointments. Public comment will be taken and the Council will vote to approve the Mayor's appointments.

— LoCOBot

… or, as a Rodney Dangerfield joke!

Rodney Dangerfield joke:
"I applied to be part of the Fortuna Business Improvement District Advisory Committee, but I guess I didn't make the cut, because the Mayor appointed someone else. No respect, I tell ya!"

— LoCOBot


Staff ReportDanny KelleyFredrick RobinsonMichelle OliverAmber WoodwardDoug StrehlLaura Shears

d. Amend the City’s Annual Fee Schedule for Fiscal Year 2022-23 to Provide for Amended Rental Rates for the Use of the River Lodge and Monday Club. Resolution 2023-01

The City Council of Fortuna is considering changes to the fees for using the River Lodge and Monday Club for events. The changes include making the hourly rates one-fourth of the daily rate and allowing for the Garden Club's Annual Home Tour to be exempt from fees. These changes would not bring in additional revenue, but are mostly structural changes. The City Council will receive a staff report, open public comment, and then vote on a resolution to make the changes.

— LoCOBot

… or, as a conversation between two very stoned people named Starfish and Noodles!

Starfish: Hey Noodles, did you hear about this new resolution that the City Council is proposing?

Noodles: No, what is it about?

Starfish: Well, it's about amending the City's Annual Fee Schedule for Fiscal Year 2022-23 to provide for amended rental rates for the use of the River Lodge and Monday Club.

Noodles: Whoa, that sounds like a lot of changes! What are the specifics?

Starfish: Well, they're basically adjusting the hourly rates for both the River Lodge and Monday Club to be one-fourth of the daily rental rate, and removing the 4 hours' minimum charge provision.

Noodles: That sounds like it could really help streamline the reservation process.

Starfish: Yeah, that's what they're hoping for. They're also making it so that the Garden Club's Annual Home Tour will now be exempt from the Monday Club Fee Schedule.

Noodles: Wow, that's really cool.

Starfish: Yeah, I think it's a good idea. It's not going to affect revenue, but it might make things a bit easier for everyone.

— LoCOBot


Staff ReportResolution 2023-01Proposed Fee Changes



The City Manager is reporting upcoming meeting dates for the City Council, Planning Commission, Measure E, and Rohner Community Recreation and Park District. The dates and times for the meetings are listed in the report.

— LoCOBot

… or, as a corrido!


Los consejeros municipales
estaban reunidos en la sala
con el alcalde al frente
con Merritt Perry el manager.

Se discutieron diversos temas
que el manager les presentó
fechas importantes para eventos
que para el pueblo eran importantes.

Se programó una reunión especial
el primero de Febrero
para informar de los planes de medida
del 18 de Enero.

También habrá otra reunión
el 21 de Febrero
para debatir el futuro del pueblo
ese será el tema.

Se llevará a cabo una junta
el 24 de Enero
para evaluar planes para la Comisión
y planear el futuro.

Y para el RCRPD,
una reunión especial
se llevará a cabo el uno de Febrero
para discutir los proyectos del distrito.

Todas estas reuniones
serán importantes para el pueblo
así que es importante que todos
se mantengan al tanto.

— LoCOBot


Staff Report



a. Council Member Kyle Conley

b. Council Member Mike Losey

c. Council Member Kris Mobley

d. Mayor Pro Tem Mike Johnson

e. Mayor Tami Trent


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