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DID YOU KNOW? The Lost Coast Outpost ends up writing about marijuana/cannabis issues quite frequently. Below, for your convenience, all those posts are gathered into one place. 

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November 2018

Humboldt Woman Faces 22 Years in Prison After Being Arrested in Ohio With Hundreds of Pounds of Weed

Godfather Director Makes SoHum Marijuana ‘Brothers’ an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Supervisors Override Objections from Fortuna, Approve Indoor Cannabis Operation Near Rohnerville Airport

HARDIN: A Plant Can Break Your Heart

HOBELMANN REPORT: Three Candidates Are Running For Three Seats on the Fortuna City Council, and None of Them Are Too Jazzed About Cannabis

October 2018

13,084 Marijuana Plants Eradicated During Raids at Unpermitted SoHum Grows

Endangered Frog Found, 1,518 Marijuana Plants Eradicated During Raid at Unpermitted SoHum Grow

Humboldt Sheriff’s Office Releases 2018 Weed Raid Stats: 65 Operations, 198,692 Plants Eradicated, $3M Seized

2,139 Marijuana Plants Eradicated at Unpermitted Grow in SoHum

September 2018

4,671 Marijuana Plants Eradicated at Unpermitted Grow Ops in SoHum

Unpermitted SoHum Marijuana Grow Raided; 4,988 Plants Eradicated

THE HOBELMANN REPORT: Cannabis Commerce Descends On Fortuna at HCGA’s ‘Meet the Buyers’ Event

August 2018

One Arrested, 10,211 Plants Eradicated During Marijuana Grow Raid Near Dinsmore

Big SoHum Marijuana Grow Raid; 21,053 Plants Eradicated; Over 3,400 Pounds Destroyed

Unpermitted Marijuana Grow Raid on Berry Summit; 4,834 Plants Eradicated

Sheriff’s Office Seizes $36k During Unpermitted Marijuana Grow Raid; 854 Plants Eradicated

Unpermitted Marijuana Grow Raided Near Blake Mountain; Cultivation Evidence Found on Adjacent Forest Service Land

Unpermitted Marijuana Grow Raid in Rancho Sequoia; 1,336 Plants Eradicated

8,855 Marijuana Plants Eradicated at Unpermitted Grow Near Humboldt County Line

Rio Dell Police Raid Unpermitted Marijuana Grow, Eradicate Hundreds of Marijuana Plants

Two Unpermitted Marijuana Grows Raided in SoHum; 6,697 Plants Eradicated

July 2018

Drug Enforcement: One Week, 12 Search Warrants, Almost 50k Marijuana Plants Destroyed

Your Daily Unpermitted Humboldt Marijuana Grow Raid Update: Four SoHum Parcels Searched; 22,427 Plants Eradicated

One Arrested for Illegal Marijuana Cultivation During Latest Round of DEU Raids in SoHum; 14,289 Plants Eradicated

Four Search Warrants Served on SoHum Parcels with Unpermitted Marijuana Grows

‘OPERATION GREEN WAVE’: 18,305 Marijuana Plants Eradicated, Four Arrested at Unpermitted Grows in Trinity County

Nearly 1000 Marijuana Plants Eradicated, Firearms Seized at Unpermitted Grow Site Near Humboldt County Line

Stats for Humboldt Sheriff’s Office’s Week of Unpermitted Marijuana Grow Raids

More Search Warrants Served, More Marijuana Eradicated at Unpermitted Humboldt Grow Sites

Humboldt Sheriff’s Office Gets Sassy With Its Hashtags During Unpermitted Weed Grow Raids; 13,000+ Marijuana Plants Eradicated

Arcata’s New Cannabis Ordinance Goes into Effect Today and It May Allow More Sales Than It Seems

Humboldt Growers See Opportunity as the State’s New Cannabis Rules Cause Bottlenecks in the Supply Chain

Humboldt County Gets Its Own Regional Office of the Bureau of Cannabis Control

June 2018

1,924 Marijuana Plants Eradicated, Firearms Seized at Unpermitted Grow Near Dinsmore

3,075 Marijuana Plants Eradicated, Firearms Seized, Various Violations Observed, One Arrested During Raid Near Dinsmore

May 2018

Multi-Agency Trinity County Marijuana Grow Site Clean Up; Helicopter Used to Remove 31 Miles of Irrigation Hose, 21,000+ lbs. of Equipment

Proposed Arcata Cannabis Ordinance Would Limit Permits to 15 Businesses, Restrict Sales in Plaza Shops

Three Arrested, Thousands of Marijuana Plants Destroyed, $3 Million Cash Seized During Last Week’s Raids on Unregulated Grow Sites

Supervisors Pass County Weed Ordinance Version 2.0

April 2018

People on the Street: Is 420 Still a Thing?

Happy 4/20! Supervisor Estelle Fennell Elected President of Multi-County California Cannabis Authority

(UPDATE: NOT YET) Busting Pot Farms From Space: Supervisors (MAY) Approve Contract With Company Offering High-Res Satellite Imagery to Assist With Code Enforcement

March 2018

County Supervisors Ease Tax Burden on Weed Growers, Hire Attorneys to Sue Big Pharma’s Opioid Manufacturers

Here’s What People Had to Say About the County’s Comprehensive New Weed Ordinance, Including the Proposed Cultivation Permit Cap

County Supervisors Met Monday to Start Deliberating on Proposed New Weed Regs, Including a Permit Cap

California Has Already Issued More than 2,000 Cannabis Cultivation Licenses. Are Growers Being Set Up to Fail?

Two New Weed Stores on Eureka’s Fourth Street? City Council Set to Move Forward at Next’s Week’s Meeting

February 2018

Legal Weed Summit to Be Held in Ukiah Next Week; McGuire, Wood Will Host ‘First 60 Days of Prop 64’ Hearing

‘You Are Sucking Us Dry’: Growers Descend on Supervisors Meeting to Protest Cannabis Fees, Taxes

January 2018

California Growers Association Sues State Over Loophole in Pot Farm Size Limits

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