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DID YOU KNOW? The Lost Coast Outpost ends up writing about marijuana/cannabis issues quite frequently. Below, for your convenience, all those posts are gathered into one place. 

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Over 30,000 Marijuana Plants Eradicated at Trespass Grow on National Forest Land in Trinity County; Three Arrested

Nearly 5000 Marijuana Plants Eradicated, Stream Diversions Discovered, Two Arrested at Trespass Grow Site

(UPDATE) 21,389 Marijuana Plants Eradicated, 758 lbs., $80k, Firearms Seized, Two Arrested After DTF Raids in McKinleyville and Eastern Humboldt

McKinleyville Woman Arrested After Routine Traffic Stop Leads to Discovery of 108 lbs. of Weed

Supervisors Consider Changes to Cannabis Ordinance as Public Expresses a Variety of Concerns

What Do You Think About Cannabis Tourism? If You Have an Opinion, a Humboldt State Professor Would Like to Hear It

Big Illinois Weed Bust Leads Authorities Back to Humboldt Megagrow Featuring Numerous Alleged Violations

GROUND FLOOR! You Can Buy 100 Shares in a Soap Opera Actor’s New Fortuna Pot Farm For a Penny

New Marijuana Trade Group Introduces Itself: ‘We Are the Seed Hunters, Carriers of the Torch, Innovators and Pioneers’

State Kicks Down $1.5M for Cleanup of Illegal Weed Grow Operations in the Emerald Triangle

ATT’N GROWERS! The County Will Be Holding a Pesticide/Rodenticide Workshop to Help You Learn How to Use Poisons Correctly

Supervisors Ponder How Strict to Be With Cannabis Cultivators

Santa Rosa Man Sought for Attempted Murder at Weed Grow on Round Valley Tribal Land, Mendo Sheriff’s Office Says

CHP: Intoxicated Yrekan Crashes His Nissan Into Some Boulders in McKinleyville; Officers Discover $94k and Lots of Weed in His Rig

MORE WEED: County Looks to Accept New Cannabis Permit Applications in Environmental Review Process

Pleasure, Panacea, Poison? The Little-Known Health Effects of Marijuana

Real Estate Listings for Humboldt’s Weed-Growing Properties Now Feature Transparent Advertising, Sky-High Prices

(UPDATE) They Say They’re Mapping the Cannabis Genome, But When EPD Came Calling They Found BHO Equipment

County Ends Employment of Cannabis Division Planner Following Conflict-of-Interest Inquiry

PG&E SEZ: Weed Growers Now Qualify For A Sweeter Deal on Electrical Rates, Just Like Other Farmers Do

Weed Permit Applications Reveal Breadth and Location of Demand in Humboldt

How Would YOU Spend the Growers’ Money? County of Humboldt to Hold Series of Meetings on New Weed Tax

McGuire to Grill Lawmakers on ‘Unanswered Questions’ in State’s Efforts to Set Up Marijuana Regulations

Neighbors, Schools Oppose Permit for Hash Oil Lab on McKinleyville’s Central Avenue

Former DA Paul Gallegos is Representing the Nonprofit Suing Insurance Agent John Ford for Fraud

County Looks to Expand Medical Cannabis Track and Trace Program in 2017

(VIDEO) PBS NewsHour Reports on Humboldt’s Weed Regulations

Gov. Brown Pardons Two Humboldters for Piddling Decades-Old Weed-Related Offenses

McKinleyville Auto Shop Being Evicted After 16 Years to Make Room for Marijuana Business

Rangers Arrest Five After Traffic Stop on Weed-Scented Van Out on Bald Hills Road

Armed Robbers Steal Marijuana, Escape in Jeep Near Willow Creek

(VIDEO) Can’t You See? Here is a ‘No on 64’ Anthem Set to the Cadence of Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Hypnotize’

282 Growing Marijuana Plants Discovered and Eradicated on Undeveloped Shelter Cove Property

Oakland Man Arrested in Laytonville on Marijuana Transportation-Related Warrant

Starting Today, Eureka is Welcoming a Dozen Types of Weed Businesses (in Some Parts of the City)

More than 100 Pounds of Marijuana Betrays Itself to Law Enforcement Via ‘Overwhelming Odor’

Weed Growers Appeal Code Enforcement Actions and Promptly Lose

Man Sitting on Side of Highway 101 in Possession of Five Pounds of Marijuana Arrested

Hezekiah Allen of the California Growers Association Tells LoCO Why He Won’t Vote for Weed Legalization This Fall

(UPDATED) Marijuana Advocacy Group HuMMAP Files Legal Action Against County Over Registration Deadline

Governor Signs Cottage Cannabis ‘Micro Farmer’ Bill

County Responds to Litigation Threat From Marijuana Advocacy Group

(UPDATED) County Extends Registration Deadline for Existing Marijuana Growers, Prompting Renewed Legal Threat

Eureka City Council Votes 3-2 to Allow Medical Marijuana Businesses

Eureka Poised to Allow Medical Marijuana Businesses But Won’t Let Them Put Up Any Signs

LA-Area Weed Startup ‘hmbldt’ Basically Trademarks All of Humboldt County, Except the Vowels

Center for Investigative Reporting Examines Sexual Abuse and Exploitation in the Local Weed Industry

Local Weed Growers With Emerald Family Farms are Embracing Legitimacy and Taxation

Missed KHUM’s Cannabis Compliance Panel? Here it is.

Jim Wood’s Bill to Establish ‘Cottage Farmer’ License for Small Marijuana Grows Clears Committee