Humboldt County, the latest war-torn video game hellscape | Activision

Just existing in Humboldt County can, at times, feel like you’re living in a video game. Well, now it’s official. 

Earlier this month, Activision released a series of new multiplayer maps as downloadable content (DLC) for its latest release in the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. Essentially, these maps are virtual arenas where you can challenge your gamer friends to an all-out war. In their wisdom, Activision decided that a marijuana grow operation — specifically one in Humboldt — would be a suitable setting for spraying bullets at your fellow man. 

Inside “the growroom.”

“Prepare for a strong aroma when descending upon the Growhouse facility in Humboldt County, California,” reads a page on the Call of Duty website, which goes on to list various obstacles players can use as cover from their enemies — an RV, a pickup truck, a water tank, an outhouse, a burnt car, a scissor lift, etc. The site also speaks of the degradation and disrepair of the “backwoods narcotics den nestled in remote foothills,” noting that “the roof of the main barn seems to have been struck by missile fire, and the rafters are still smoldering.” Fun! 

Honestly, LoCO thinks the craggy granite hills that surround Activision’s “Growhouse” makes it look less like Humboldt County and more like eastern California but, if you’d like to judge for yourself, allow YouTuber “StoneyDogTv” to take you on a little video tour, above.

Having not spent any time in the Call of Duty universe, we can’t gauge whether or not “Growhouse” is any fun to play or not, so we will defer to the following review from a random Twitter gamer. 

Hopefully this attention does not negatively impact our local industry.

No telling whether this operation has an active permit, but there does seem to be significant environmental degradation and illegal grading. Not setting a great example.

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