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Yes, the one that took over for Marie Callender!!!

This was the new “gourmet” Mexican restaurant, right?

Condolences to the whole family.

So sorry for your loss.

My deepest sympathies and prayers for the family

Loved my ‘Whale watching’ expedition voyage on Silversea’s Silver Explorer! Our welcome in Eureka was a surprise and a treat, and we had a very early morning 1/2 day (5 …

CBD? Why don’t you get a J-O-B!


I’ve seen them but I don’t think we can wait for these intractable homeless and drug problems to be solved. This kind of activity can lead to good outcomes that …

she can say whatever she wants

i just don’t see how it could hurt her business!

Good afternoon Don.

Oh I forgot about those suckers in the legal cannabis racket. Ouch

Prayer & somewhere under $5 US will buy you a cup of Coffee nearly anywhere!!!

An Ostrich perhaps??? Head firmly planted in the sand!!!

You can’t compare wholesale prices to retail prices. If you’re in the legal cannabis game you will be bitching soon too. It is about to be a lot worse in …

$5/g?? That’s $2270/lb….better prices than here. Stop bitching Oregon

It started to brighten up a bit out my way, a bit earlier this morning but still has yet to make it official!!! So far it’s just a slightly brighter …

You must live a very sheltered life if you haven’t seen any needles lying around eureka. An no I am not exaggerating. Do you not see any news feeds all …

Is there no update on this?

Mornin Willie.

Maybe, if it eats it’s Wheaties, it will someday grow up to be a real cruise ship….lol jk, folks.

It’s English. You’re welcome.

What was the word that made you think I was worked up? Was it “grumblings”?

It was a joke. Please calm down. I’m all for this.

Same here.

huh imagine that, logs in a lumber town..go figure.

Way to young, RIP !!



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