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Tinfoil Hatters / Anonymous Ideological Blowhards Waging Their Own Private Wars


Tuluwat Examiner: With dictatorship looming, now we have a Bi-partisan attack on free speech


Tuluwat Examiner: Can our Country and all it has stood for be salvaged?

Sunday, July 23

Tuluwat Examiner: Do the Trumpsters have you seriously worried yet? Civil war pt 3

Tuluwat Examiner: Trump is your biggest supporter…..until he’s not

Saturday, July 22

The Humboldt Consequential : Prevailing Wage set to sink Humboldt’s Affordable Housing?

Tuluwat Examiner: Pardons, threats, lies, misdirection, phony leaks, Pay attention people! This is a slow rolling Republican sanctioned Coup d’état

Friday, July 21

Tuluwat Examiner: We know it’s become the norm, but we still have to call the BS out anyway

Thursday, July 20

Tuluwat Examiner: Emerald triangle get ready; time pay tribute to the tyrant Trump

Wednesday, July 19

Tuluwat Examiner: While you console yourself with all of Trumps failures, remember he’s still a wrecking ball swinging through our country

Tuesday, July 18

Tuluwat Examiner: Update # 2 on Your input on Eureka’s “big decision” just became more urgent

Tuluwat Examiner: The Mayor: Prayer Breakfasts in the morning….thievery as a public official during the day????

Tuluwat Examiner: Even the Wall Street Journal is completely embarrassed by Donny

Sunday, July 16

The Humboldt Consequential : THC Poll: CA to get even softer on parole; does Humboldt think it’s a good idea?

Tuluwat Examiner: Nobody is safe, in the city of Eureka, NOBODY

Saturday, July 15

The Humboldt Consequential : CA Gas Tax repeal initiative being undermined by Attorney General; repeal proponents to sue

Tuluwat Examiner: New low after new low. If this is what “making America great” looks like, God help us.

Friday, July 14

Tuluwat Examiner: Trump Jr keeps lying and the right wants to get their way no matter what the price

Thursday, July 13

Tuluwat Examiner: Update: Your input on Eureka’s “big decision” just became more urgent

Wednesday, July 12

Tuluwat Examiner: A decision with big implications for the Future of Eureka and your personal safety

Tuesday, July 11

Tuluwat Examiner: Donny falls on his sword; but it doesn’t help Pence much with his future plans

Monday, July 10

Tuluwat Examiner: Jilted by Qatar, Jared Kushner pushes his newfound Saudi buddies to blockade them

Sunday, July 9

Tuluwat Examiner: Mill’s parting gift for the community; a Business District crime wave

Tuluwat Examiner: Another astoundingly dumb “deal” by Donny Dealmaker; a cybersecurity deal with his BFF Putin

Saturday, July 8

Tuluwat Examiner: Civil Rights activist Linda Sarsour is driving the right crazy by not normalizing

Tuluwat Examiner: Trump’s “get out of jail free card” may not work

Friday, July 7

Tuluwat Examiner: Former EPD good ol’ boys are finally getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar!!!

Tuluwat Examiner: Nice try Trumpies; MSNBC-Maddow dodges a potential credibility assassination

Tuluwat Examiner: Mobbed up Russian operative Felix Sater rats on his former business partner Trump

Thursday, July 6

Tuluwat Examiner: Where’s all that macho bravado now? Lil’ Donny snowflake hides out in Poland

Wednesday, July 5

Tuluwat Examiner: Dead Smiths tell no tales, except Peter did before he died

Tuesday, July 4

Tuluwat Examiner: Trump and the NRA incite the fringe right—Happy July 4th!?

Monday, July 3

Tuluwat Examiner: Trump plays follow the leader

Sunday, July 2

The Humboldt Consequential : County Planning Department demotions aim to fix a broken department, but Director John Ford needs to go further

Tuluwat Examiner: Trump’s “Northern Triangle” Tangle – Cops, Soldiers, and Cartels on the Same Team

Tuluwat Examiner: Rep. Barbara Lee’s lonely 16 year struggle to curb the “Blank Check for Endless War”

Saturday, July 1

The Humboldt Consequential : EPIC, other groups move to stop Richardson Grove project; still ignoring impacts of marijuana growing on our rivers

Tuluwat Examiner: Trump’s war on women and his connection with the fringe tabloid media

Friday, June 30

Tuluwat Examiner: The honest truths at root of our American conflict – Civil War part 2

Tuluwat Examiner: Trump successfully diverted us with misogyny yesterday while real news on collusion broke

Thursday, June 29

Tuluwat Examiner: The world watches as American divides over Health Care

Tuluwat Examiner: California tells the truth about Glyphosate

Wednesday, June 28

Tuluwat Examiner: Trump Takes a Dump on America’s global standing

Tuesday, June 27

Tuluwat Examiner: Are we on the verge of a new Civil War?

Tuluwat Examiner: Good ol’ Jerry Brown makes deal with the orange devil that will screw the Bay-Delta wildlife

Monday, June 26

Tuluwat Examiner: The Russians weren’t alone trying to rig the 2016 election and these guys actually pulled it off

Sunday, June 25

The Humboldt Consequential : Can’t stand the smell of bad gas taxes? Join the petition to repeal it!

Tuluwat Examiner: Mitch McConnell is playing us all with his well staged and scripted phony health care debate

Saturday, June 24

The Humboldt Consequential : Think your rent is bad? Odds are good it’s going to get worse

Tuluwat Examiner: So little time, so many f…ing lies, it’s staggering!

Tuluwat Examiner: Thanks to Tom Wheeler and EPIC for your perseverance standing up to Caltrans

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