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SoHum Parlance: Science-phobia in the Senate


SoHum Parlance: I received a glossy disgusting union-busting flier in the mail today

Monday, Nov. 27

SoHum Parlance: “Come to Chicago” vs. “Come to the Commune”

Sunday, Nov. 26

SoHum Parlance: Behind the scenes in the ceasefire/hostage release negotiations

SoHum Parlance: Robert E. Lee was indeed a founding father

Thursday, Nov. 23

SoHum Parlance: We report on the Democratic Convention last weekend and discuss the “humanitarian pause” and the Musk/Media Matters lawsuit

Wednesday, Nov. 22

SoHum Parlance: End of the line for George Floyd’s murderer

Tuesday, Nov. 21

SoHum Parlance: Rain, snow and mud set in at Ukraine. “No one is going anywhere right now.”

SoHum Parlance: LoCo via CalMatters got it wrong

Monday, Nov. 20

SoHum Parlance: All the candidates for Jim Woods’s Assembly spot

SoHum Parlance: Barbara Lee wins the most nominating votes at the California Democratic Party endorsement convention

Thursday, Nov. 16

SoHum Parlance: We discuss the Trump fraud trial, the politics of the government shutdown, and the testosterone overdoses in Congress

Saturday, Nov. 11

SoHum Parlance: Garberville Fire Protection District election results

SoHum Parlance: Jim Wood not running for reelection, so…

Friday, Nov. 10

SoHum Parlance: Letter writer wants somebody sane to run against Rex Bohn

Thursday, Nov. 9

SoHum Parlance: We discuss the Democratic near-sweep in Tuesday’s elections; whether Gavin Newsom is running for President; and SCOTUS’s consideration as to whether domestic abusers can have guns

Wednesday, Nov. 8

SoHum Parlance: Vatican: Transpeople can be godparents, but gay people still cannot

Tuesday, Nov. 7

SoHum Parlance: Elections in five states today

Monday, Nov. 6

SoHum Parlance: Is Governor Newsom running for President?

SoHum Parlance: Bernie says that he doesn’t believe a permanent ceasefire is possible with Hamas

Friday, Nov. 3

SoHum Parlance: RW: Antisemitic incidents jump nearly 400 percent; the law and wisdom of the attempts to disqualify Trump by the 14th Amendment; and when did “ceasefire” become such a radically charged word?

SoHum Parlance: He looks terrified

Thursday, Nov. 2

SoHum Parlance: The Four Wars of Palestine

SoHum Parlance: Nearly 9000 Palestinians killed

SoHum Parlance: AG says that the Sheriff shouldn’t be sending license plate data with other states or federal government

Monday, Oct. 30

SoHum Parlance: Is there any room for nuance in discussion of the Israel/Hamas war?

SoHum Parlance: History is repeating itself

Friday, Oct. 27

SoHum Parlance: McKinley’s new home

SoHum Parlance: An essay on capitalism

Thursday, Oct. 26

SoHum Parlance: We discuss the falling dominoes; Republicans finally choose a speaker; and Obama’s call for “restraint on both sides”

SoHum Parlance: Another Dixie Congressional districts map struck down

Wednesday, Oct. 25

SoHum Parlance: Meanwhile, the Republicans elect another election-denier as Speaker

SoHum Parlance: Court finds that Trump was lying – fines him $10,000

Tuesday, Oct. 24

SoHum Parlance: My God, this woman’s strength is incredible!

SoHum Parlance: Meadows is turning evidence

SoHum Parlance: Three attorneys admit to lying

Monday, Oct. 23

SoHum Parlance: GOP Bombshell re Biden!

Saturday, Oct. 21

SoHum Parlance: 3 out of 19 defendants pleading guilty is a pretty big deal

Friday, Oct. 20

SoHum Parlance: Redwood Wonk – The ongoing House dysfunction; Biden’s performance re the Israel/Hamas conflict; and left wing antisemitism

SoHum Parlance: How to leave the MAGA world

SoHum Parlance: Chesebro and Powell down – 16 to go

Wednesday, Oct. 18

SoHum Parlance: Is Jordan’s run for Speakership DOA?

Tuesday, Oct. 17

SoHum Parlance: Meanwhile, the Russia/Ukraine war continues

Monday, Oct. 16

SoHum Parlance: Pride-O-Ween on October 28

Saturday, Oct. 14

SoHum Parlance: Contrast between Biden and Trump on Israel

Friday, Oct. 13

SoHum Parlance: When professors can attack an ethnicity with impunity

Thursday, Oct. 12

SoHum Parlance: Redwood Wonk – We discuss the U.S. political fallout of the Israel/Hamas war; the ongoing dysfunction over the Speaker of the House; and Scary Kari declares her run for Arizona Senator

SoHum Parlance: Question for old (or young) Beat fans

SoHum Parlance: Biden and Israel respond to Trump’s unhinged comments

SoHum Parlance: Did Netanyahu have warning?

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