2017 Kinetic Soul Train

“Soul that Rolls.”
: Wendy Burns / Years Raced: N/A / Years Aced: N/A


2017 Kinetic Soul Train | Sunday, 7:01 p.m.

Wet Glory

2017 Kinetic Soul Train | Saturday, 8 p.m.

Kinetic Soul Train’s ACE Dreams Go Up in Flames

… but while Intergalactic Pussy Alliance feasted on the thrill of victory, it was the Kinetic Soul Train that choked down the agony of defeat. 

Piloted by a pair of Rutabaga Queens — Sohotshe Burns and Gloria Kiddnetica — the flaming choo choo ran off the tracks a few times during Day 1 and ultimately failed to make across the Halverson Park finish line before the 6:32 p.m. deadline. 

See Queen Sohotshe Burns remain optimistic and vow to keep burning bright in the clip below.


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