by Kate Greenberg and Dust Crusaders from San Francisco, CA

Artist description from iBurn:

Chronosydra is a reverse hourglass that runs for the week of Burning Man 2016. An abstract timepiece for Black Rock City, it sits deep in the playa awaiting your discovery. The hourglass is filling upwards with small particulates that float unhurriedly from bottom to top chamber; its translucent pellets catch the sunlight during the day and swirl like fireflies when LED lit at night. Like a meter that measures the growing creativity and energy around it, this hourglass fills steadily over the length of the event and stands full at exodus; full like an hourglass that has just been turned over, full like time itself has been turned back. Chronosydra is an art piece that mirrors the week-long transformation of Black Rock City, and playfully reflects on the way in which our time at Burning Man may reset, revivify, and refill us if we let it.


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