Sunset with Fence

Yesterday, I watched another wonderful sunset from the ridge.  It’s a view I’ve seen at least a 1,000 times but I am always aware of how blessed I am that it is part of my life.

Today, my blog reaches 15,000 page views—small by most standards but big by mine. I love the people I have “met.” I love the chance to rant and hear others rant. I enjoy sharing my love for the area and for writing.  Also I’ve discovered more about myself including a new pleasure in photography.

I’ve also discovered the randomness of page views.

My Five Most Viewed Posts.

Number 1: A fellow Firefly fan sent me a few snapshots of Nathan Fillion (Firefly) which continue to draw hits every day.  Thanks to Denise of the wonderful Fillion backed charity, Kids Need to Read.  I always view this post with bemusement.  I’m not the fan girl type (ok Firefly is an exception) and I consistently get a large number of hits on this.

Number 2: Haunted houses and Friendly(?) Ghosts—a bit of fiction I dashed out when inspired by Halloween and a comment Anita made on a story Max wrote. Its popularity shows the enduring passion we have for a spooky tale.

Number 3: Like many of my posts, this was inspired by my passion for history, Humboldt, genealogy.  A bit controversial, it also roused a lot of comments and links from other blogs. It’s one of my personal favorites.

Number 4: A recent post, picked up by two reader services, this one makes me proudest for the least reason—I have nothing to do with its popularity.  My father-in-law is an artist and people are inspired by his work.

Number 5:This one particularly illustrates the randomness of fate.  For some reason, Wordpress sent a lot of people to my site— People fascinated by blogging (?) or, more likely, somewhat less than excited about Tagging and hopeful of finding some insightful commentary.  Anyway, thanks Jen (I think!)

So, out of my 5 top posts, I only am really proud of 2 and 1 isn’t really mine to be proud of.

So I’m going to list my favorite series of posts—most of which aren’t even in the top 100 mostly because I wrote them when just a few people read my blog. I hope you get  a sense of place about Humboldt or at least a laugh at us crazies who live here.

My Tales from the Humboldt Hills Series:

The Toilet (Mostly true)

A Cautionary Tale (which might or might not be true)

Airing Your Dirty Laundry  (which is sooo true)

The Neighbors  (A true story about some of my favorite people-my Salmon Creek Neighbors)

Lost Money (Possibly fictional story but…)