Last year Eureka/Arcata was number one in The Daily Beasts lists of the pot capitals of the United States.  This year we’re only number ten. I could expend a lot of angst and hand-wringing on this.  (Cue emotional questions—Has the glut on the market unseated Humboldt?  Will we ever regain our preeminence?)  My heart sank along with Humboldt’s standings as I looked in vain for us among the top three.  But then as I read the breathless commentary accompanying the photo (not very good), I snickered.

Over the hills and through the redwoods, pot is big business in Humboldt County. County sheriffs entered a home last week and found 9 pounds of marijuana

Isn’t 9 pounds covered by a good 215 doctor?  I mean, really. Talk about your baby grows…

I don’t think the Daily Beast is au courant on all things pot.

Seriously, 9 pounds at today’s prices?  Not exactly big news here in Humboldt.


Thanks to @redwoodbigfoot for the tip about the Daily Beast