Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has received information from the California Department of Water Resources that the Eel River at Fernbridge is projected to reach a level of 24’ tonight. This is 4’ over flood stage. If this projection is accurate, Highway 211 at Fernbridge may be flooded and impassable late this evening until early morning when the river recedes. The Sheriff’s Office and Humboldt County Public Works Department are taking steps to ensure equipment and personnel are ready to respond if needed to surrounding areas. The Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services is in contact with the Department of Water Resources. The public is encouraged to avoid the area this evening. The following are areas that could be affected based on past history:



The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind citizens to stay away from flooded areas and do not drive across flooded roadways.

Humboldt County Public Works has been working around the clock over the last several days. The following roads have been affected by the recent storms:

Closed Due to Flooding 

  • Port Kenyon Road, between Market Street and California Street
  • Meridian Road, between Port Kenyon Road and Centerville Road
  • California Street, between Port Kenyon Road and Van Ness Avenue
  • Kimtu Road at Camp Kimtu
  • Glendale Drive, PM 2.00
  • Hookton Road at Eel River Drive
  • Howard Heights Road
  • Berta Road
  • Elk River Road, SE of Zane Road
  • Mad River Road, PM 3.2 (Tyee City)

Closed Due to Slide or Slip Out

  • Blue Slide Road, PM 2.40
  • Shively Flat Road at School Rd

Flooded, Not Closed

  • Dyerville Loop Road, PM 2.64, 4WD only
  • Crannell Road, 4WD only
  • Freshwater Road, several locations
  • Old Arcata Road @ Jacoby Creek
  • Old Arcata Road, between Redmond Road and Ole Hanson Road
  • Elk Creek Road, South of Pine Hill Rd
  • Zane Road 

Other Restrictions

  • Sprowel Creek Road near Leino, 1 lane
  • Mattole Road PM 11.00, 1 lane
  • Mattole Road PM 13.66, 1 lane
  • Mattole Road, PM 40.5, 1 lane
  • Mattole Road, PM 20.00, 1 lane
  • Alderpoint Road, approx PM 11.00, 1 lane

The boat at McCann will not be operating today due to large amount of debris in water.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services will continue to monitor conditions.