Dear HSU students,

Welcome! Please take a moment to get to know your surroundings. So beautiful, right? The trees, the rivers, the ocean. I expect you’ll learn a lot while you’re here, both in school and out.

Some of that will have to do with how to treat the natural world we’re so fond of. If I could instill one thing in you (and everyone else) as you explore our fine beaches, it would be this: Don’t burn palettes on the beach when you have your good times bonfire shebangs. It leaves a mess of nails that your local Surfrider chapter and other volunteers have to clean up.

Also, most everyone likes a good party, but few people enjoy broken glass under bare feet. So enjoy that fine local microbrew, then take the bottles home to recycle. It’s easy! Trashing our beaches are for losers. Don’t be that.


Jennifer Savage

Chairperson, Surfrider Foundation Humboldt Chapter

P.S. Want to be even further on the side of good? Come out to the beach deliberately planning to leave it cleaner than you left it. Yeah! Clean-ups usually happen the second Saturday of each month. See Humboldt Surfrider’s Facebook page for the latest.