Regular visitors to LoCOElections! may have noticed this morning that their experience has been upgraded. Elections visitors now have semi-easy access to the local candidates’ financial disclosure forms — the so-called “460s” that everyone is required to file from time to time.

Click on a candidate’s name and voila: There they are. You’ll find everyone who has donated more than $100 to the candidate, along with the details of how they have spent campaign cash.

Now, as of this moment, if you want to delve into a candidate’s finances you gotta download a big, dumb PDF.  This is going to change soon. The Outpost is partnering with former Humboldtian, current Oaklandish dataviz wiz John Osborn to bring you a somewhat less painless painful interface to the candidates’ financials. 

Osborn loves this kind of stuff. You won’t be disappointed.

In the meanwhile, there’s lots more going on over at LoCOElections! Recent question-answerers include DA candidates Maggie Fleming and Allan Dollison and Fifth District Supervisorial Candidate Sharon Latour. Plus: A steady firehose of questions from you, the Outpost reader/community member/citizen journalist.

LoCOElections!, everyone!