We still have a good winter storm, but not the worst storm in 40 years that some predicted. This morning I spoke with Brian Garcia of the NOAA office on Woodly Island. Last night the models showed the Eel River at Ferbridge cresting at 26.2 feet by early Friday Morning. That would have made it the 3rd most significant flood at that location in recorded history.

As of now those predictions have backed off significantly. Although the river is still expected to exceed flood stage at Fernbridge by early Friday morning, it should only be at 20.4 feet. That is only inches above flood stage. And while that may get the fields a bit wet, it will not close State Route 211. The Eel at Scotia, once predicted to flood, will not even be getting to monitor stage. The only other significant rise will be the Van Duzen at Bridgeville, and that will only reach monitor stage.

We are still expecting up to an additional inch of rain on the coast and significant wind gusts through the morning. Rain and wind should back down to showers and small gusts by afternoon.

As of this morning there are power outages reported in McKinleyville, Arcata, Westhaven and Miranda. School closures include Miranda, Leggett Valley, Rio Dell and Scotia.