The results of last month’s general election were certified by the Board of Supervisors this morning, which means that Kim Bergel is now your officially official next representative from Eureka’s Third Ward on the Eureka City Council.

It also means that the Humboldt County Elections Office has published its precinct-by-precinct list of how Humboldt County voted on every issue on the ballot. One of hottest issues in the last election was Measure P, which bans the cultivation of transgenic crops anywhere in the county’s borders. We knew on election night that it passed big, and in fact it ended up with 61.2 percent in favor, 38.8 percent opposed.

But where did it pass biggest? Where did it fail?

Check the map below. The greener the precinct, the more wildly pro-P it was. Anti-P precincts shade down from tan to a theoretical orange, though even the staunchest opponents of the GMO ban never made it down to the deepest shades. Plenty of precincts voted 65 percent in favor; none voted 65 percent opposed.

As always, click on the map for a handy pop-up that’ll give you the exact vote. More maps to come! And yes, I am taking requests!