The Lost Coast Outpost‘s de facto south-of-the-border correspondent Duane Flatmo checks in with more scribbled on beer coaster vacation memories. This week, our local art hero describes his playful torture of one of his amigos in paradise.

Duane explains: 

This weeks Flatmo’d is about my buddy Mario who works at Tonita’s restaurant on De Playa — “Macho Mario,” we call him. He’s constantly giving me a bad time. He’s a buff, little dude and is always wanting to arm wrestle me. I keep saying no because i don’t want to disgrace him in front of his restaurant clients and familia. So what else can I do but draw him doing un-macho things? I pass them out to all the other workers in the restaurant, they laugh, and then they finally show the coasters to him. 

Here’s a few.