The Lost Coast Outpost is pleased to launch our newest data thingamajig — CAMMED!

CAMMED is your at-a-glance look at the county and region’s myriad live webcams, wherein you can visually take the pulse of daily life in Humboldt County and beyond as it happens — weather, traffic, people-gazing, all that. Most of the cameras, currently come from either Caltrans or Hans, the cam hero behind Sunny Fortuna.

Know of any other cams? Shoot us an email and we’ll probably slap that one on there too. 


1). The EagleCam is not currently up there because this system, as it is, is built to handle your klassic webcam — the one-JPG-a-minute setup. We will retrofit it for actual streaming video soon.

2). Yes, I know there is no regular link to CAMMED on the Outpost home page. We will change that soon too.

To celebrate the launch of CAMMED, we thought it would be fun to monitor selected, particularly beautiful shots for a whole day — to cam the cams, as it were — and to make little stop-motion movies of a day in the life. Five such movies follow. They record all of yesterday at a 1:1200 ratio — one second in movie time equals 20 minutes.

Enjoy! Perhaps we’ll do this again someday, or perhaps on a regular basis. CAMMED, everyone!

Fortuna, 14th Street (with occasional glimpses of Bear River Ridge):

Downtown Fortuna:

The surf at Inn of the Lost Coast:

The Shelter Cove Headlands (partial day):

… and the most beautiful of all, though (sadly) the least local: The Point Arena Lighthouse: