Last week, the Lost Coast Outpost highlighted a story that first appeared in The Lumberjack detailing allegations that a pair of Humboldt State employees improperly used funds intended for students for, among other things, fishing trips to Alaska — you can read The Jack‘s piece here and/or skim LoCO‘s post here

HSU ain’t buying it. In an effort to calm the concerns voiced by donors, the school today firmly stated it believes the “unproven allegations” in the pending lawsuit are “without merit” and it is working with an independent auditing firm to prove it.

Further, HSU claims that the costs for the famous fishing trip were “actually paid by a generous donor.”

Read the entire release from Humboldt State University below:

Humboldt State University enjoys broad support from the community we serve.  We value the loyalty of our alumni and our donors who participate as partners in helping to provide an exceptional educational experience for our students.  We are committed to doing everything possible to earn and keep the trust of those who volunteer and make gifts to the University.

In particular, we strive to ensure that those who have generously made charitable contributions can be confident that their contributions are used as they intend.

Recent articles in local media have focused attention on donor cultivation activities by the Department of Athletics. Based on the unproven allegations in a lawsuit by a single employee, which is still pending and which the University believes to be without merit, these outlets reported that scholarship funds may have been diverted away from students. The stories neglected to report many relevant facts, including that nearly all costs of the activities were actually paid by a generous donor, and suggest that donor funds might have been misused.

This has caused concern among some of our donors. We take this concern, and the allegations that prompt them, very seriously, and we are investigating the issue, wherever it might lead. With that objective, we have contracted with an independent auditing firm, Clifton Larson Allen, to conduct a review of the Athletic scholarship program funds. The reviewing firm will have full access to pursue their inquiries, and the results will be made available after the review is concluded.

Donors can trust Humboldt State with their contributions. We are committed to taking every step necessary to ensure all donors that they can be completely confident that their funds are used as intended.

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