UPDATE: Eureka Citizen proves to be a mildly delusional, self-aggrandizing troll, surprising absolutely no one. Did this prank reveal anything worth noting about the community and government of Eureka and Humboldt County? You decide.

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Original post:

OK, forgive us for spending more time on this, but we’ve developed a fascination with the mysterious exploits of Eureka Citizen. For those of you (understandably) convinced this is nothing more than an elaborate scam, we concede that it’s a distinct possibility. Yet, to our minds, that only deepens the mystery. 

Here’s the latest: Yesterday evening, following our post about the anonymous “political action group” Eureka Citizen, the Outpost received the following voicemail:

Eureka Citizen

Anyone in the LoCO community recognize the voice? The caller ID was blocked.

We’ve also received several more emails from this nameless crusader. As for the email address in question, citizeneureka@gmail.com, it is indeed working again today after two recent attempts were rejected by Google with the message “The email account that you tried to reach does not exist.”

Anyway, at 7:19 last night Eureka Citizen emailed this reporter and Eureka officials, including the five City Council members, Mayor Frank Jager, City Manager Greg Sparks and City Clerk Pam Powell. That email, which you can read in its entirety below, asserts, “Eureka Citizen is still here, and is still in process of finalizing the full proposal.” 

This morning Eureka Citizen responded to this reporter via email, saying, among other things, that, “Eureka Citizen chose to remain anonymous, as have the investors we have courted, for the simple reason that our project represents a ‘rebellion’, of sorts, against the ‘Good ‘ole Boy’ money network that has kept Eureka down for so long.”

Someone claiming to represent Eureka Citizen continues to post comments on this and other sites. A fellow digital specter remarked, “If none of this is real, then I must reluctantly congratulate you on some of the most diligent, most committed trolling I have ever seen.”

Here’s the full text of the email sent last night:

To whom it may concern:

Our group is still in the process of raising funds for our shelter project.

There are some individuals, within city government, that apparently misunderstood part of our plans.  We do not intend to partner with the government services offered, such as DHSS, MediCal, SNAP, WIC, etc.  We do not want this project to become overrun with government input.  These services will be offered office space, within the shelter facility, at no cost, in order to help speed the resident’s applications/qualifications for assistance.  In NO way will government services be involved with the operation of the shelter facility.

Additionally, we paused in our notifications to the Eureka City Manager, Mayor, and City Council Members, as we secure property and finalize the building plans.  We appreciate your interest in our shelter proposal, and will have a representative contact each office personally, withing [sic] the next few weeks.

As for the total raised thus far, we have raised a substantial amount toward construction and the operating expenses. Although Mr. Sparks is “dubious” of our efforts, and expressed himself, rather rudely to our representative last week, we still have plans to present the project to the city, for permits, and to the county, for zoning/clearance of the site. We understand that getting all the city, and county, offices in line, and signed off on the project, will take some time.

As for our donors, we remain steadfast that they remain anonymous throughout the process.  The reason for this is simple; we do not want their current, or future business prospects affected by the controversial issue of homelessness in Eureka.

We all know that local governments have failed to properly address the growing homeless population in a manner that accounts for ALL homeless in Eureka.  We plan to make the difference, in a manner, that excludes government involvement completely.

Again, Eureka Citizen is still here, and is still in process of finalizing the full proposal.  We will be ready, soon, for all of Eureka to support this project.


Eureka Citizen

And here’s the email sent to this reporter today:


One of the problems with Eureka is that no one has ever looked to outside area investors for assistance.  

Eureka may have it’s families with money, but those families have not done enough to assist with keeping Eureka up-to-date with the rest of the economy or society, in general.  These families have kept Eureka pinned down for decades; everyone has been manipulated into thinking that we need these family investors; we have proven otherwise.

Eureka Citizen chose to remain anonymous, as have the investors we have courted, for the simple reason that our project represents a “rebellion”, of sorts, against the “Good ‘ole Boy” money network that has kept Eureka down for so long.

City and County leadership have difficulty believing there are other interested parties, because leadership lacked the sincerity to clean up Eureka and make the area attractive to investors.  Following pipe dreams of cruise ship terminal facilities, and showing investors the overflow of homeless in the terminal facility area, is not productive for Eureka. Especially, when the local government has taken no positive steps toward solving the problem of homelessness.

We were approached by a new donor who requested that he be allowed to address the Eureka city council.  The purpose of his address is his desire to show public local support for this project.  Other, corporate donors will not be announced.  

We estimate that the full proposal will be made public in April.  The public announcement will include artist renditions and a small scale model.  Details of the proposal will be also discussed, along with an updated construction schedule and projected opening date.

As much as we would have liked to have worked with the Eureka councilwomen, our group includes several members with which City Manager Sparks is not on the admiration list.  His involvement, thus far, is minimal and we do not intend to ask his permission for this project.  His negative stance, toward any assistance toward the homeless, is part of the reason Eureka has such a substantial problem.

Thanks for your interest,

Eureka Citizen

The next Eureka City Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. Feb. 17 at 6 p.m.