This morning on KHUM, I spoke with Mel Nordquist of the NOAA office on Woodly Island about the large storm that is heading our way.

I know we are all hesitant to cry wolf with memories of “Rainageddon” still fresh in our minds. But all weather models indicate that a significant rain event is coming. Beginning tomorrow (Thursday) in a series of “pulses” we are expecting somewhere between 5 to 7 inches of rain in the populated areas of Humboldt County and up to 12 inches in the mountains. Yes, a foot of rain! Snow levels are expected to be quite high so the mountains are expecting rain.

This much rain means potential flooding. Streams and low-lying areas are expected to flood; take precautions. Right now the Eel River at Fernbridge is expected to surpass flood stage by Saturday morning. Right now it is predicted to crest at 21.8 feet. Flood stage is at 20 feet.

Nordquist also warns of high winds as well. With each “pulse” will come high winds. The upper elevations could see gusts up to 90 miles per hour with gusts reaching up to 40 mph in the cities. With high winds come downed branches and with them, power lines. Power outages are a real possibility with this system so Nordquist reminds us it’s a good idea to be prepared with flashlights and coolers for any items in the refrigerator. In addition to Humboldt County, both Mendocino and Del Norte Counties will be affected.