Photos taken by LoCO reader Neva Swensen.

Swells from Alaskan storm systems caused large 22-foot breakers to hit the Humboldt Coast this weekend.

While the Eureka U.S. National Weather Service urged beach goers to stay away from the jetties, some decided it was a perfect opportunity to shred the gnar.

Check out these awesome photos of a surfer shredding some big waves by the North Jetty on Friday.

Large surf this weekend. Seas building later today (Friday Nov. 13th, 2015) through tonight.Never turn your back on the ocean!

Posted by US National Weather Service Eureka California on Friday, November 13, 2015
UPDATE: (VIDEO) More Gnar Shredding: Tow-in Surfers Go Big at Humboldt Bay Harbor Entrance


Eureka U.S. National Weather Service.