KHUM recently hosted a panel talking about cannabis compliance in Humboldt County.  My co-moderator Andy Powell (of KWPT) and I want to thank the panelists for taking part:

Steve Lazar
Senior Planner
Humboldt County Planning and Building Department

Natalynne DeLapp
Executive Director
Environmental Protection Information Center

Adona White
Water Resource Control Engineer
North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board

Hear the entire discussion through the audio player below.  

First hour:


Second hour: 


More information from Humboldt County can be found here.  You are also invited to a seminar this Sunday and next at the Planning and Building Department from 1 till 5 p.m.  The seminar is $150.  To register please call 707-268-3795 or email  

See more about EPIC here and their Compliance Handbook can be found here.  

For the North Coast Regional Water Board head here.