Just a quick fire season traffic note: The still-growing, barely contained Tulley Fire near Weitchpec has the potential to be a monster. Since the downriver area lacks a place big enough to host the hundreds and hundreds of firefighters working the wildfire, Calfire will be setting up a basecamp at the old Orick Mill site at the base of Bald Hills Road, over an hour’s drive away from the action, according to Redwood National and State Parks.

This means a couple things. First, Bald Hills Road is going to be very, very busy in the coming days as crews travel back and forth to battle the flames. It also means that visitors to Lady Bird Johnson and Tall Trees groves should probably not park on the roadside as they often do when the parking lots fill up. Big trucks are going to be coming through there. Alert RV pilots you encounter, maybe. 

In short, don’t get in firefighters’ way just because you want to see big trees, please. Their work, in part, protects big trees. 

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