Thursday night’s PBS NewsHour includes this seven-minute report on Humboldt County’s Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance, a “bold new experiment” that made ours the first county in the state to regulate and tax commercial production.

Some highlights:

  • Undersheriff William Honsal predicts that with full legalization, “the price per pound is gonna become so low that the industry is gonna be driven out of Humboldt County.”
  • The never-camera-shy Patrick Murphy of Emerald Family Farms gets his branding message out there, claiming Humboldt County is “by far and away the largest production zone of high-quality cannabis in the world.”
  • Senior Planner Steve Lazar shows correspondent Sheraz Sadiq the Google satellite perspective on our local green rush and says, “One could easily estimate that there is over 10,000 cultivation sites in the county at this point.”
  • Sheriff Mike Downey estimates that 95 percent (or more) of the weed grown countywide is going to the black market.
    And lastly …
  • This shot of a totally classic Humboldt garden shop customer handing over a brick of bank-fresh cash: