So Fortuna got a taste of The Booms last night, and it sounds like that taste hit the palate hard and lingered longer than we Eurekans are accustomed to it lingering.

As in cases past, though: There are no answers. No boom suspects have yet been identified.

The Fortuna PD’s Daily Bulletin — available after a click or two on this website — includes the following entries from last night:

19:54 PATROL CHECK 1603230066
Officer initiated activity at Riverwalk Dr, Fortuna.Multiple reports of loud booming sound. Unknown source. RP’s from Campton Heights area, Eel River Dr, Pepperwood Ln. . Disposition: CAD DOCUMENTATION ONLY.

20:13 PATROL CHECK 1603230070
Occurred on Wood St, Fortuna. RP is stating ‘Booms’ and gunshots are coming from near his house. . Disposition: DUPLICATE CALL.

20:54 PATROL CHECK 1603230077
Occurred on Church St, Fortuna. (Hundred block.) Rp states he heard more booms approx 3 ago. Believed to be by the cemetery on Church. Audible car alarm in the area as well. Also stated that after ever “set” of booms he sees a silver minivan ITA of School and Weber driving around. . Disposition: CAD DOCUMENTATION ONLY.

The FOPD wasn’t the only law enforcement agency on the case. The Outpost’s “Patrolled” feature notes that the Sheriff’s Office was called out to the river bar and then to the end of Drake Hill Road at roughly the same time, the latter due to reports of “promiscuous shooting.” Which may or may not have been what it was.

All in all, it seems as though the Friendly City was shaken up pretty good, enough so that the Fortuna Police Department offered a postmortem on its Facebook page this morning:

As many of you are aware, there were several loud explosions/gun shots heard across Fortuna last night. At this time,…

Posted by Fortuna Police Department on Thursday, March 24, 2016