Down Detector

UPDATE, 7:19 p.m.: All right. The first batch of LoCO and FB commenters report both Uverse and DSL services are suffering from Fortuna to McKinleyville. Let’s keep each other informed.  


Original Post: Uh oh! A flood of perturbed LoCO readers are telling us that they are experiencing an interruption in the home and/or business internet services. The common factor, seemingly, is that these are all AT&T customers.

“Any idea why AT&T is down? It’s finals!!!! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh,” writes one encumbered student.

The crowdsourcing internet-outage site Down Detector agrees that AT&T internet in our area is having issues. So how about it, Humboldt? Are you an AT&T user whose Netflix and chill abilities have been dashed by tube woes? We’re gonna try and isolate this problem. Weigh in on your experience in the comment section below (assuming you can read this at all).  

Hopefully this is not as bad as last time.