The North Jetty at 10 a.m. this morning. Filmed by LoCO reader Mike Hoppe.

Swelling tides will slosh Humboldt’s North and South Jetties for the next few days.

The high water levels are caused by Perigean Spring Tides, exceptionally large tides that occur when the moon is closest to the Earth during full or new moon phases.

These seasonal tides officially begin tomorrow, but conditions are already noticeable at the North Jetty. The video above sent in by LoCO reader Mike Hoppe shows the jetty being swallowed up by this morning’s high tide.

These high tides will last until Thursday. You can always keep track of the local tides with LoCO Earth.

Read more about our upcoming tidal conditions in the National Weather Service Facebook post below.

National Weather Service of Eureka:

Some of the highest tides of the year are expected next week due to the perigean spring tide.

Southerly winds will increase water levels above already high tides. This may cause some minor coastal flooding in low areas around Humboldt Bay and along the coast.

Elevated surf may increase the impacts along the open coast. Coastal flood advisories will be issued if flooding is expected.

For more information on the perigean spring tide visit: