Back in August we told you about Curran Hatleberg, a photographer who came to Humboldt County, like so many others, to trim weed and found himself marveling at our region’s natural beauty, a grandeur beneath which he recognized “the familiar struggles of small-town life,” including drug abuse and financial hardships.

Hatleberg’s photos from his time here have now been collected in a 100-page hardcover book published by Oakland-based TBW Books. It looks great to us at LoCO, and indeed the book is already receiving acclaim. Lost Coast has been shortlisted for the Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation’s First Book Award, and the California Sunday Magazine handed its Instagram account over to Hatleberg last week, allowing him to share some images and describe his experiences in the “primal” and “mythic” “altered reality” we call home.

We’ve shared those Instagram posts here. If you’d like a copy of the book it’s available through the TBW website and can be ordered through one of our fine local booksellers, such as Northtown Books and Eureka Books.