In four days California will decide whether or not the days of marijuana prohibition will dissipate poof-like into the air like an exhaled bong rip. 

But not so fast! As we’ve noted here in recent weeks there are a whole slew of people — growers, law enforcement, state legislators — who, for various reasons, would like to see Prop. 64 eradicated. And now we can officially add local “Nor Cal Gold Diggas” rapper Hella Richtor to that growing coalition.  

In the brief anthem below, Hella Richtor channels Biggie to put corporations hoping to cash in on cannabis on notice. Hella Richtor sees you, tech millionaires, and she ain’t having it! A lyrical sampling: 

“I’ve seen it with my own eyes: silent corporate takeover
High ticket dollar price, secret sleepovers
I see the biz and tech millionaires are moving in
Behind closed doors I’m scared shitless, friends!
I see the sharks smell blood and they’re moving in the water
They don’t know anything about raising cannabis daughters
All they see is money and ways to suck us dry
These motherfuckers ain’t getting high!
Prop 64: Illegal to share?
Why would you do that if you’re compassionate and care?
You wouldn’t! It’s just a way to be a dick
and keep medicine away from veterans and the sick!”

Anyway, hit play and bob your head along with some homegrown political wisdom below.